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A headache for all modern students and graduate students, the sword of Damocles for those officials who did not write their Ph.D. he is the great and terrible anti-plagiarism. In today’s world, there are many such systems, they are all different, but they all solve the same problem – they protect our science and our Internet from those who don’t want to devote their time and energy to the project and are not accustomed to moving their brains spontaneously and are not ready for creativity. For these services find the No.1 translation agency UK.



No, no, today I will not talk about how important it is to write unique articles – you will read about this on a hundred thousand other resources, today I will tell you how to use the system’s capabilities for your own purposes.

You have probably already read a lot of articles describing in every way “tricky” ways to tame plagiarism checkers. But in fact, all their tricks have nothing to do with the actual creation of unique content. What else is there in the arsenal of “cool” specialists who tell how to cheat anti-plagiarism https://studlance.ruand pass the student’s work on “excellent”? Oh, yes, also scanning and recognition of “paper” sources, the introduction of additional symbols “invisible” to the human eye, and the use of several layers in the document.



If you are waiting for me to tell you now about how to create a unique text easily and naturally without spending a minute of time and a drop of creative effort on it, then this article is not for you. Moreover, I am generally against rewriting anything from Russian sites. Therefore, when I write articles to order, I personally never spend time and energy on the Russian segment of the global network.



So, I share my know-how. I do not mind. Why – I will explain at the end of the article. In the meantime – a simple five-step algorithm of actions.

First step. In search of fresh data on the required topic, I immediately switch Google to its American, British, French, or Croatian version and enter the query I need in one of the languages ​​\u200b\u200bthat I speak.

Second step. From the search results, I select several of the most recent materials (Google shows the date of publication), provided that the text in their snippets seems interesting to me.

Third step. Quickly scroll through selected pages. I evaluate the value and usefulness of the information, as well as the volume of the article. Among the relevant publications, I choose the most interesting one.

Fourth step. I copy the article and translate it into Russian. I use Google translate, not as a translation tool, but as a tool to reduce mechanical work.

Fifth step. I carefully read what happened. I correct the style and check the spelling. And I send it to the anti-plagiarism checker. In most cases, the result is 100% unique. Goal achieved!


Why am I not afraid of competitors?

So, I promised to tell you why I share my know-how to create unique content so quickly. There are several reasons for this.

First, there is a virtual zone where you can browse information in foreign languages, which is several orders of magnitude larger than Runlet because less than 6% of websites are in Russian.

The second is that the translator’s own intelligence is involved in the translation process, so two different translators will translate the same article differently.

Third, I have been talking about this method of writing student essays and filling websites with unique content for several years, but few people use it. Rewriters are ready to fight for three hours over two thousand characters, rewriting the same foreign Russian-language article for the hundred and fiftieth time, to bring the uniqueness of the text to the percentage specified by the customer, instead of spending an hour translating an interesting article from a foreign resource.

In a word, if content managers order faceless articles from lazy rewriters, my resources are safe!

PS This article has not been translated from any of the foreign-language sites. And it is unique. Forget court room interpretation contact LST.



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