How has technology changed our life?


In the past, people only worked hard to satisfy their hunger technology. They lived an elementary life. They did not care about their future. But modern-day people are beginning to think about their present as well as their future.

People are looking for something that will make their life easier, calm, and more comfortable. The thing that differentiates between the people of the past and the people of the modern is technology. It took us out of the past and taught us how to live in the modern age.

It classifies as the name of transforming human activities into scientific methods or machines.

Importance of technology:

There is no doubt that it has become an integral part of our life. It teaches us how to live life in different ways. It played a crucial role in making our lives happier and more peaceful. 

It also has a role in communications and curing different diseases. Also, in modern times we can review everything with the help of technology. It also has a crucial aspect in society.

Fundamental aspects of technology that changed our life

Technology has accelerated the pace of our lives up to a great extent. When a man wanted to make his life better, he invented technology. And now is guiding man in every moment of life.

  • Technology has invented many new things that amaze the human intellect, such as a smartwatch, smartphone, laptops, etc. The invention of these goods has made human life much easier and more comfortable.
  • Technology has improved learning skills. It has made education much more straightforward. There is a big adjustment in education through it. Anyone can get an education quickly. In the old days, the school was so far away from being deprived of education. Even if a child went to school, he would not be able to acquire knowledge well. But now, with the advent, a lot of conveniences have been created. If you don’t understand any subject topic, you can easily understand it by searching online. Modern-day students can also study online and get a degree.
  • In the old days, people used to write letters to convey a message to others, and it took many days for this letter to reach others, and that was a lot of time to waste. But today, we can quickly get our message across to others through mobiles, laptops, computers, social media, and the internet.
  • In ancient times, people used to travel from one place to another on foot. They used to travel on foot for months was a waste of their time.

But technology has also made this difficulty easy. The invention of trains, buses, cars, motorbikes has made people’s problems easier. The journey of months has turned into days, the journey of days has turned into hours, and the trip of hours has turned into minutes. People can easily reach their destination without any difficulty.

The sparkle of life without technology:

Half the work is the done thanks to technology. It includes industrial, electronic, educational, and health sectors. If there would use no technology in this world, all these sectors will become tear down. The glow of life will fade. Then there will be no difference between the old times and the modern times. People will re-adopt the ancient customs. And there will be no progress in the world.

Advantages of Technology:

As we mentioned earlier, technology plays an essential role in our life. It took us out of the old and taught us how to live in modern times. It provided us with so many benefits to living easily and comfortably. There are some benefits of it which we discussed below:

  • It saves a lot of time
  • It is easy to access information
  • A great way to learn different skills
  • Technology is the easy, fast, and best way of communication skills
  • It can remove the confusion of anything

So these are some of the benefits of technology.

Adverse Circumstances of Technology:

However, technology has many advantages from which man benefited. As well as the benefits, there are some downsides of  which are as follows:

  • People waste their precious time because. For example, watching television, using a mobile phone, and playing games on the internet.
  • It affects the environment badly and produces environmental pollution.
  • Technology is seriously affecting students’ interest in learning

These are some of the disadvantages. We must use it positively to avoid its losses.


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