How does the Email Verification API improve email delivery?


Sooner or later, any company, business project or startup will come to the conclusion that basic tools are no longer enough to verify a list of users’ email addresses. Also, it would be great if this software that deals with data authentication is integrated into an existing corporate system or website. All of this becomes a serious contribution to the integrated work of all marketing activities, bringing the desired profits in the form of increased conversions and increased ROI, improved customer engagement and increased brand awareness. Today we will talk about Delivery Email Verification, how to use this tool to reduce bounce rate. We’ll find out where this software works and what works best for me today.

Email Verification API: Testimonials (What is Email Verification API)
An API is a special script that integrates with the corporate system code to make it easier for the client, as well as improving the process of verifying email addresses. Therefore, the email address verification API is obtained in several ways.

Verification of the left part of the syntax check. The check determines if the record format is correct and corresponds to a length of 64 characters. In the section, upper and lower case letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, special letters and a period are allowed. The domain name to the right of is also checked. Its length should not exceed 253 characters. The domain section must meet the requirements of a host name, including letters, numbers, hyphens, and periods.

Domain Check – Verification of email addresses with inactive or invalid domains. This way you can not only determine if a domain exists and is working, but whether the original person has been assigned to it. And the risk verifier identifies and identifies all accounts that pose one or the other risk when sending emails.

Checking the MX Record Availability of Mail Servers – Using DNS Query, you can determine the names of services involved in mail processing, allowing you to quickly identify the host that is causing the most error. In addition, the tool provides a clear understanding of the existence of each email address in your list.

Checking via SMTP – is implemented by establishing a connection to the recipient’s mail server and sending a command by analogy with sending the letter. If there is no such recipient on the server, then the server responds by sending a “letter to such and such an email address” that there is no such mailbox (error code 550). It is important to understand that no real letter is sent to the sender of your buyer’s mail, no one bothers him.
Before you start using the API to check for valid email addresses, let’s see how this tool affects soft and hard bounce rates, how much you can reduce bounce rates, and email Can increase supply.

Reducing bounce rate with API (How Email Verification API reduces good emails)

According to statistics, more than 8% of the email addresses found in the database from your website have syntax errors, they are fake or inactive. Sending mailing lists to such addresses is fraught with rejection, which can damage your reputation as a trusted sender in the eyes of email providers. Often, this will result in your correspondence being placed in a spam folder or not at all.

When the bounce rate starts to exceed 5%, in this case the email delivery rate does not exceed 70%. Using the API to verify email addresses can reduce bounce rates by up to 2%, and some offer premium software that verifies emails aimed at bouncing rates up to 1 to. So the average email delivery is increasing and is 91 to 98.5%.

Tools that work on bounce rate and supply are created during the user registration phase. With the Integrated Supply Email Verification API, you can ensure the accuracy of the data entered. As a result, you will be provided with a clear contact list for future campaigns. Tactfully you improve the quality of customer service, increase brand awareness, and promote the potential return on investment in your business.

Where is the Email Verification API used? (Email address verification API usage scope)

Email Address Verification A wide range of areas to use the API allows us to talk about the capabilities of this tool. So the API uses:
Merchants who can get rid of the wrong address and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. At the same time, the delivery speed increases to 96.7%, spam complaints are prevented, purchases are restored under the conditions of controlling the correct data input by consumers and customer engagement and retention Improvements are possible.


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