Homeschooling Program: An Economically Viable Option for Learners in the Modern Era


Having children is not a cheap endeavor — the price of your child’s food, clothing, and other necessities mounts up! Many people’s financial situations have worsened due to the epidemic. Still, many families already suffer financially and are always seeking ways to save money on the necessities for themselves and their children. A fantastic, reasonably priced alternative to many institutions, particularly private and so-called Model C schools, is homeschooling.

 So how can homeschooling allow you to cut costs? Depending on the curriculum, annual school tuition expenses in the UAE can range from Dh30,000 to Dh100,000. However, according to the iCademy Middle East, the best online Home School Global Dubai consultant, parents may find quality homeschooling choices for $1,000 (Dh3,672) to $3,000 (Dh11,000) each year, depending on the curriculum.

 The iCademy Middle East is a high-tech institution with an American curriculum. The provision of a challenging education supported by a tried-and-true digital platform, which improves the student experience, makes our school unique. At Our Dubai American Academy, instructors and students have access to engaging classroom materials through the Learning Management System, which is thoughtfully set up to encourage individualized learning. Students have the option to continue their education whenever and wherever they want.

Other than the curriculum, Here are some other points that make homeschool options available. These are discussed below:

 Cheaper after-school activities:

Many schools need extracurricular activities, most notably athletics, and as a result, the expense of coaching, equipment, and facilities is reflected in higher tuition. Your child may choose the extracurricular activities they want to participate in while homeschooling, and you can pick an organization that fits your financial constraints.

Homeschooling parents have various options, including buying a complete curriculum and all necessary materials, hiring tutors, enrolling in online classes, and adding extracurricular activities like sports and music. They can also locate free web resources. Creating a curriculum is doable, but it does require some time and effort. There is no doubt that homeschooling is a significantly more cost-effective educational choice when just school costs are considered. Quite a few families in the UAE opt to homeschool their children for that reason.

Fees that include resources:

You often do not have to pay for the lesson materials in addition to school fees because textbooks and other resources are typically included in the cost of the homeschool curriculum. You won’t need to purchase a separate tablet or laptop for school because you or your child probably already own one that they can use for personal amusement and educational needs.

No uniforms are needed:

Children must wear a fairly precise uniform to the majority of public and private UAE schools. Homeschooling parents may save a lot of money by forgoing the purchase of clothes specifically for school because homeschooled children are not required to wear a uniform!

Reduced transportation costs:

There are almost no transportation costs connected with homeschooled children’s education since homeschooling parents do not need to drive their kids to and from school (or pay for other transportation choices) (except, perhaps, for transporting children to extracurricular activities).

No camps or field expeditions are required:

Many schools organize both one-day and multi-day field trips for students, including trips to local campsites and museums. These trips are often required and can cost extra for the parents. You won’t have to pay these additional, non-negotiable costs if you homeschool.

Reduced medical costs:

Children typically get an ailment from a classmate when they become ill. They could require medical treatment, which is exorbitant, depending on how bad their infection is! Homeschooled kids are less likely to get sick, which lowers medical costs. And they are also less likely to be exposed to sick kids in a small setting.

Cheaper vacations:

The freedom parents enjoy is one of the top advantages of homeschooling. As they are not required to attend school on campus, parents are free to choose to take their kids on vacation when the majority of other kids are still in school during the off-season. During this time, vacation lodging is significantly less expensive.

No fundraising events or holidays:

Many schools hold different fundraisers, such as bake sales, which demand parents invest time. And money in purchasing and preparing items. Numerous schools also have activities like Foundation Day, which might cost parents of students more money. Parents can reduce these additional costs by homeschooling.

With no additional fees:

Working parents frequently find themselves paying the additional costs for after-school care since they cannot pick up their kids from school before they have done working (aftercare). Since they do not have to pick up their kids from school. And homeschooling parents do not have to worry about such expenses.

Homeschooling offers both students and their parents a wealth of perks in addition to economic ones. Visit our website to learn more about enrolling in our online homeschooling program. Admissions are now available for the fall of 2022. Call our enrollment team at (+971-4-440-1212) with any more questions, or use our live chat service.


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