Home Features That Are Selling Well in 2021


The past two years of the housing market make it clear that, when you’re in uncharted territory, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to game the market. You simply analyze how things are and make a decision. For families who are considering selling a home in the coming year, for instance, they can take into account a variety of factors but still not be exactly sure what the economic climate will bring.


Thankfully, HomeLight’s top real estate agents are surveyed each quarter and the results provide a valuable snapshot of the market as it stands. Here are some features that have gained popularity compared to pre-COVID-19, and whose value is likely to continue to be high even with the continued changes in the housing market.


Spacious Basements and Garages


While of course buyers are always going to ask about bedroom and bathroom numbers, don’t forget to keep any unfinished space front-and-center. For a long time, garages and basements have been popular resources for storage space, but they’ve grown in demand as many families finish a basement for a separate dwelling unit, either to have home guests, a renter or to use on sites like Airbnb. Garages, similarly, can be storage space or a place to park a car, but if well kept they can also be game rooms or home gyms, which are in strong demand these days.


Home Offices 


More so than ever before, families are making the effort to have dedicated office space for any adults who are working and living in the home. Many workplaces that previously were office-based have gone full remote or have opted to allow some work from home flexibility long-term, creating hybrid work schedules. Families who previously were willing to set a laptop on the kitchen island to work are wanting a more permanent solution for their work needs, and a big home office in your house for sale will be attractive for that reason. 


Outdoor Fireplaces and Well-Outfitted Decks and Patios


Any work you’ve done to make your backyard or porch an oasis of fun and comfort is likely to pay off in the current housing sales market. Families have developed an affinity for spending time outdoors, either to hold small social gatherings or to relax without having to go through the challenges of travel. Anything that makes your backyard a bit more like a resort is going to be a draw. Consider a nice stone patio with a modern outdoor fireplace as a focal point and a source of warmth. Outdoor kitchens with grills, storage space, and bar seating are trendy, as are any nicely appointed outdoor living rooms with plenty of options for customizing.

If you were thinking about selling your home anyway and these features can easily be showcased in your styling choices when it comes time to sell, they are currently en vogue and could bring more interested buyers to the table. Showcasing the best that your property has to offer is a great way to get a great return on your home, and a great real estate agent will also be invaluable in understanding any micro-trends in your particular community.


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