152 Thoughts We All Had Watching “High School Musical” 10 Years Later


As someone who loved Disney Channel in its peak from 2003-2007, January 20, 2006 is a date that will forever be engrained in my mind. What a weird date, you may ask. Well, if you’re a die-hard “High School Musical” fan like myself, you know that this date was when our lives would be forever changed by this incredible movie. So, like pretty much every other 16- to 22-year-old, I spent my January 20, 2016 watching “High School Musical” again 10 years later and had some new thoughts about it:

1. Tbh I really appreciate this CGI, Disney. It feels like I’m really at the ski resort!

2. Shout out to Gabriella Montez’s rolled up pink Uggs

3. And purple Juicy Couture hoodie

4. Wow, Troy’s dad is actually so attractive

5. Zac looks so scrawny

6. That hair though

7. This party looks poppin

8. This mid-2000’s fashion is fleek

9. Out of the like hundred people here why did they pick Troy and Gabriella?

10. This def isn’t Zac’s voice

11. Take it off Troy

12. He’s getting super into it

13. Stop holding onto the microphone for dear life Gabriella. Geez

14. I feel the love connection

15. That awkward moment when Troy and Gabriella don’t kiss at midnight

16. Did Troy just take the first selfie ever?

17. Shout out to my intense crush on Corbin Bleu when I was 10

18. “To infinity and beyond”

19. Ryan and his hats

20. Ooo, Good one Chad

21. MusiKal

22. 10 years later and these would be iPhones taken

23. Kids these days don’t even know what sidekicks are

24. Gabriella’s messenger bag

25. Idk why Troy keeps whispering as none of his friends are around

26. Sharpay doesn’t have THAT great of penmanship

29. Let’s be honest…”High School Musical 2″ and High “School Musical 3” both had WAY better songs dealing with Troy’s inner conflict than “Getcha Head in the Game”

30. I really just hate that song

31. I just graduated from high school and this looks like a foreign language to me on the board

32. In today’s day, you would just stalk Gabriella Montez on EVERY form of social media

33. I don’t really know how “loving pi” is a diss, @Sharpay

34. Troy’s dad in a polo shirt >>

35. Please stop calling it a musiKal

36. Why is Zeke so pumped? Is he about to bake something?

37. Why is Taylor carrying a suitcase?

38. Shout out to Taylor for feeding into stereotypes

39. Poor Troy trying to talk to his dad about something over than basketball

40. musiKal

41. Chad’s graphic tees >

42. ThetA

43. Oh Kelsey

44. I’m just as offended by this lack of talent as you are, Sharpay

45. That note has been accessed in the natural world @Darbus, have you even seen “The Phantom of the Opera”??

46. Furthermore, is the spring musiKal just a downgrading of the winter?

46. Ryan, you know you’re enjoying another man who loves dance

47. Interpretive dancing isn’t that disturbing 

48. I’m uneasy by the fact that Ryan and Sharpay are brother and sister auditioning for the romantic leads

49. Ryan rocks and is the underrated lead in “High School Musical”

50. Everybody does love a good jazz square

51. Kelsey is a mouse

52. Why are you losing your s!@# because Gabriella wants to try out for the musical, Troy?

53. Literally they were 30 seconds late Darbus

54. It’s hard to believe that Ms. Darbus doesn’t know any terms about sports

55. 10 years later and I still don’t get the playmaker metaphor or analogy or whatever it is

56. 10 years later and Troy’s super mashed singing voice is way too unbelievable

57. The Punk’d reference

58. Wearing white pants in January? Really Sharpay?


59. I couldn’t tell you why but “Stick to the Status Quo” was my favorite song60. If I knew Zeke was a baker, I wouldn’t be flipping out

61. Martha Cox is also WAY too underrated

62. I also love to pop, lock, jam and break

63. I think everybody has a long list of things that are cooler than homework

64. Ya the cello is a bit lame

65. Martha Cox is getting it on top of that table

66. Sharpay is bringing the sass

67. Hip Hop Hooray needs to be a thing

68. Sharpay’s RBF right now >>>

69. Touching the mess you made doesn’t make it any better, Gabriella

70. I would beg Zeke to make me crème brûlée

71. I went to a high school where the football captain was also the lead in the musical…these people seriously need to chill out about doing other extracurriculars

72. Darbus is taking off the glasses…it’s about to get real

73. theatA

74. musiKAL…this mispronunciation thing should become a game

75. Poor Zeke

76. Why does this montage of rehearsing their callback song have to be so dramatic?

77. Did Kelsey compose this background music?

78. Why must you act like the Karate Kid, Sharpay?

79. How did you not see Gabriella there?

80. When Troy’s dad is coaching the team, I feel like he’s coaching me too

81. Chad is wearing a necklace.

82. So. Many. Hats.

83. “Drool to cool”

84. I could see why some uncultured swines don’t know the difference between Tony Award and Tony Hawk

85. Zeke, why are you encouraging this? You bake!!

86. This intervention would scare me

87. This is WAY too intense. He literally just tried out for a musical.

88. Ugh both of these interventions go too far

89. I do support #feminism though

90. They literally both tried out for the musical…I’m not sure what’s the big deal with that

91. Why is Troy not wearing Wildcat colors??


92. This sounds like Vanessa Hudgens and then it doesn’t at other moments

93. Honestly this song is too dramatic for what’s happening…the choreography could have not happened

94. Does anybody else find it strange that this high school has a massive poster of just its basketball students?

95. Can we #tbt to Vanessa Hudgens music career for a second? (It’s sneaker night)


96. All of this grunting. I can’t.97. Martha Cox!!! She really is the unsaid hero of this movie

98. And now for the stereotypical Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) lesson99. 

Zeke’s baking looks phenomenal

100. “We were worse than jerks…we were mean jerks”…same thing right?

101. Another stereotypical DCOM lesson

102. The chemistry on the board still looks foreign

103. I feel like it’s bit past time to take those Christmas lights down

104. Gabriella’s sweat suit >>

105. Troy’s jean outfit <<< >>>> I actually don’t know how I feel about it

106. Troy’s a capella is giving me boy band vibes

107. Troy’s outfit is screaming “I’m blue ba da be ba da bi”

108. Shout out to Troy’s ego boost in the mirror109. And Sharpay overshadows Ryan…again

110. Ugh Kelsey

111. Gabriella looks like a 30-year-old Sunday School teacher

112. Exclamation point!

113. Shirtless Troy looks like a prepubescent boy

114. Why is there an audience at the scholastic decathlon? And then at the callbacks?

115. Who is this kid helping Darbus?

116. Hee hee hee ma! Ma! Ma!

117. Why is Darbus making this a teachable moment?

118. Kelsey’s outfithttps://www.youtube.com/embed/bmMhAMnrJDA?rel=0

119. Ryan is the best120. Caliente, suave

121. Honestly, Sharpay and Ryan are the best duo

122. I have a love/hate relationship with Kelsey

123. Imagine how different it would be to hack into the gym’s system in today’s time

124. Tbh “Bop to the Top” was ten times better than “Breaking Free” in production value

125. There Sharpay goes again overshadowing Ryan

126. Would have loved to catch Ryan’s hat in the audience

127. Why is Kelsey running away?

128. “We’re soarin, flyin…”

129. Troy is the actual best

130. Can it just be like a movie later when Troy finally buffs up?

131. Sweet moves

132. Gabriella’s trying to be sassy just annoys me

133. Kelsey is just rocking out

134. Tears are streaming down my face right now, I really didn’t know how emotional this song could make me

135. Lol Sharpay and Ryan are PISSED

136. Really didn’t see the symbolism of “Breaking Free” until now

137. Did somebody just yell “Take it Off”?

138. BravA

139. Zeke rocks

140. Ryan looks like a Target employee

141. Go Kelsey get your ball and your man


142. I still know the exact choreography to this 10 years later. I don’t know if that’s cool or just sad.

143. This seriously is the best song

144. Ryan with the hip thrust >>>>>

145. Ryan’s lift >>

146. I have the urge to join the dance

147. MARTHA!!!!

148. Chad’s armpit hair <<<

149. About to cry because the movie is almost over

150. Waiting for Martha to pop, lock, jam and break

151. I would be as excited about Zeke’s cookies as you are Sharpay

152. Brb crying right now because this movie is over and so is my childhood


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