Get to know the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds


Rare Carat Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds, but they are not like your typical diamond. The process of creating a lab-grown diamond is unique and the stones are often much more beautiful than those found in nature. As with most things, there’s a catch though and one of the most significant downsides to lab-grown diamonds is the price! Rare Carat Inc is one of the best places to buy lab-grown diamonds wholesale and retail and; they consistently sell at fair prices. Rare Carat Inc is the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds. Here’s why:

1. Excellent customer service

They have a great website that is easy to navigate and allows you to compare diamonds in different shapes, colors, etc. The staff is friendly and helpful when you call or get in touch with them. They also understand that if you want a perfect diamond, it will be different from other people’s. That’s why they let you return your stones if they don’t fit your expectations.

2. You can choose your own color

You don’t have to settle for a shade of blue or white. Rare Carat Inc allows you to pick your own color. This is a no-brainer, they are still diamonds, it would be ridiculous not to allow the consumer some choice in their jewel.

3. Your Carat weight can be as high as 4 carats!

It’s likely that you have at least one diamond in your earrings or ring that is a 2-carat. You can also get diamonds up to 4 carats starting at only $900 for a 0.50 ct diamond or $11,500 for a 0.500 ct diamond. They offer so many options and the prices are reasonable for such beautiful and unique gems!


4. They will help you with a design!

The nice thing is that they have a whole team of people who are experts in designing jewellery around your diamond. That includes mounting, cutting, shaping and even layering. They can also help you find someone else to complete the work if you don’t have someone already lined up.

5. They give great discounts!

Rare Carat Inc is one of the best places to buy Rare Carat Man-Made Diamonds because they offer 10% or more off any ring over $999, 20% off any ring over $2,500 and 30% off any ring over $5,000. You can also get additional discounts depending on the brand and how much you spend. So, if you’re looking for a very nice design, you don’t have to spend a lot in order to get it!

6. They are environmentally friendly!

Wait, diamonds can be green? Well, yes they can and lab-grown diamonds fit the bill! They are mined in a manner that doesn’t harm the earth and they also don’t waste energy because it is not a naturally occurring process. A lab-created diamond is like any other gemstone and it will last as long as any other precious metal or stone. It is one of the best ways to support nature and still get something beautiful!

Comparing natural vs lab diamonds

1. Real Diamonds aren’t Always the Most Expensive

While real diamonds have a huge markup, the difference isn’t always as much as people think. If you buy from a jewellery store, you are more likely to pay more because that is how they make their money. But if you go directly to the source (the diamond company itself), you can sometimes save quite a bit of money, especially if you are buying larger stones. While it is true that diamonds are valuable because they are rare, the price shouldn’t be inflated just so retailers can make more money in their stores.

2. In Some Cases, Real Diamonds are the Most Expensive

You can sometimes get the most expensive stones for free if you buy them from the original company. When a larger diamond is in short supply, a bit of it can end up as part of something else (such as a ring). If a large stone is created that way, then it might be cheaper to buy that particular piece rather than buy it directly from its creator. This gives you more choices in your design and allows you to save some money at the same time.

3. Lab Grown Diamonds are Better than Real Diamonds in Certain Cases

Unlike real diamonds, lab-grown diamonds can be cut, heated and layered in ways that aren’t possible with natural stones. As a result, they can look better in certain ways. For example, you can combine a lab-grown diamond with a small colored stone which will make it look more like a real cut stone. When the stone is very large, it can become uncomfortable – but that’s a rare situation. It is something you should ask about personally before deciding if you want to get lab-grown or natural diamonds for your ring.

In conclusion, when you decide how you want to get a diamond, you need to consider what is best for you and your budget. While there are benefits to using a lab-grown diamond, these are not reasons to give in and just buy from one place. There are many other alternatives that can help you get the exact ring that fits your style and budget including custom-designed pieces and laser etching.


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