Investigation: For what reason didn’t UVA bands alum Kyle Fellow offer the NBA another chance?


Kyle Fellow is going abroad, with the news last week that the UVA circles alum has marked a one-year manage Club Joventut Badalona in the Liga ACB.

Terms of the arrangement with the Spanish club were not revealed. Compensations in Liga ACB commonly pay out in the scope of $200,000 to $500,000 each year.

Fellow’s profession hasn’t removed the manner in which some accepted it would since he helped lead Virginia to the 2019 public title.

Fellow, alongside partners De’Andre Tracker and Ty Jerome, all darted for the NBA Draft that spring, however Fellow’s possibilities were problematic, since the counterfeit drafts had Fellow, a small shooting monitor, going, best case scenario, late in the subsequent round, assuming his name would be called by any means.

Tracker and Jerome each went in the main round, true to form, and Fellow fell the whole way to the 55th pick, arriving in Sacramento, where he just got into three games in the 2019-2020 season, spending the majority of his new kid on the block crusade in the G Association.

That would turn into a topic. Fellow has destroyed the G Association over the beyond three seasons, averaging 20.9 focuses per game, shooting 42.4 percent from the floor and 37.5 percent from three.

His NBA numbers, sadly, are very common: 3.1 focuses and 8.1 minutes per game in 53 games with the Rulers and the Miami Intensity.

He got a decent, but short, run with the Intensity this previous season, getting revolution minutes in a five-game stretch as the Intensity managed Coronavirus issues. Fellow had two games with four made threes, and found the middle value of 9.8 focuses per game on 51.4 percent shooting from the floor and 45 percent shooting from three.

However at that point he was consigned to the furthest limit of the seat, and afterward needed to complete the 2021-2022 season back in the G Association.

Heading into Year 4, then, at that point, Fellow’s vocation is plainly at an intersection.

You don’t get a lot of cash-flow in the G Association, where the base compensation is $37,000 every year, however players on two-way bargains make more when they get called up to the NBA.

Fellow has made quite recently a tick more than $1 million in compensation in his three genius seasons. For correlation, Tracker has made $22.3 million over his initial three seasons, and is expected an extra $22.7 million for the last two years of his tenderfoot arrangement, and Jerome has made $6.9 million, and is in line to make an extra $10.4 million throughout the following two years on the off chance that the Oklahoma City Thunder gets the choice on his freshman agreement.

The cash in Spain is not even close to what the NBA pays, however it’s superior to what you compel in the G Association.

This is one of those life ain’t absurd sort of things with Fellow, whose main disadvantage is absence of size, at 6’2″, 170 pounds.

He should be a few inches taller, 20-25 pounds thicker, however that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

He’s attempted the score-primary point watch thing, and has set up great numbers in that job in the G Association, however we’re three years in now, and each front office in the NBA has gotten an opportunity to see what he can do, and no one is gnawing.

Spain might be hopefully acceptable for Fellow.


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