What can you do to fix Hotmail not working on your iPhone

Hotmail not working

Hotmail is one of the most used and popular email services that are used by people for sending messages and other things. There are millions of active users of the email service every day all around the world and it is very difficult to think of a space where Hotmail does not exist. However, there have also been instances where people have faced issues with the email service. There have been many issues with the email service like not being able to log into the account or not being able to send and receive messages. So, if you are also facing the issue then, you need not worry as there are some simple methods that you can use when you are not able to use Hotmail without any issues. In the guide, we are discussing the methods that you can use to fix hotmail problems

How can you fix Hotmail not working on your iPhone?

All the different methods here will help you in fixing Hotmail issues. You can very easily use all the methods that we are giving here if hotmail is not working

  • Ensure you have a stable network connection 

The main reason why you are facing Hotmail issues is your internet connection. It is very important that you have a good internet connection when you are using Hotmail. Make sure that the internet connection that you are using is strong and stable and if you are not able to use the cellular data then, you can also try to switch and use a Wi-Fi connection. 

  • Use the updated version of Hotmail

Another reason why you can’t use Hotmail is the version of the Hotmail that you are using. You need to use the updated version of the Hotmail application as updating the application fixes the bugs and errors in the application. See if the version of the application that you are using is updated. 

  • Use the correct login credentials

If Hotmail not working then, you need to make sure that the login details that you have entered are correct. It is very important to make sure to type the correct email address and password of your account and if you feel that you have forgotten the password of your account then, you need to reset the password of the account to login in successfully. 

  • Remove the cache and cookies from the application

If there are too many cache and cookies in the Hotmail application then, you will not be able to use the application. You need to remove the cache data of the application from the settings of your mobile phone and also remove the junk data of the application that will clear some storage in the application. 

  • Ensure the email settings are correctly

If you are facing a hotmail problem then, another thing that you need to check is the email settings. You need to check the email configuration of the IMAP and SMTP settings of your email account so that you can use the account without any issues.


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