Five Hot Tips to Stop Being Jealous of Others


Unless you are a billionaire, you probably have people ahead of you. Your friends might be earning more than you. Or your school friends might be creating multi-million businesses.

Looking at these things on social media make us feel inferior, and as a defense mechanism, we start hating them.

Thanks to social media, jealousy, and envy are so common nowadays that they consume us all the time. People are constantly sharing their success, from buying a new car to shifting to a new home.

But you can overcome these feelings. With a little change in your mindset, you can change your perspective about others. 

And instead of getting jealous. You can inspire yourself by their success and keep yourself motivated. In this blog, I will share some tips to help you overcome these feelings of jealousy and envy.

Develop a reading habit

Reading improves empathy, creativity, and imagination. It is the first step in self-learning and self-improvement. Reading also helps you to stay motivated and inspired.

Moreover, it helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. Here at, you will find some quotes that will help you to stay motivated and transform your personality. Reading these quotes, books, magazines, and articles will help you learn new things every day.

Never Compare Yourself To Others

We get jealous of others once we start comparing ourselves to them. Thanks to social media, we always have someone to compare ourselves to. But if you are comparing yourself to others, it means you’re insulting your personality and your mindset.

So it is better to change your mindset and not compare yourself to others. Because we all have different family backgrounds, experiences, and opportunities in life, thinking about others will make you anxious and desperate. It creates a hatred of others in your heart.

Social media is also a catalyst for disaster. It only creates negativity in your life and keeps you jealous of other people. So taking a break from it will help you a lot.

Talk to a friend

It is never a good idea to keep emotions inside yourself. It can burst out in a delicate situation. Understanding emotions and healthily dealing with them is a wonderful skill.

Only a few people percent have emotional intelligence. Most of us don’t know how to keep in touch with our emotions. Opening up to your friend and voicing your feelings will help you to stay calm.

Your friends can also give you suggestions and advice on how to deal with these emotions. They can also motivate you to look at the station differently.

Reframe Your Mindset

Your friend is wealthy doesn’t mean he is taking anything from you. You have to get rid of the scarcity mindset. Wealth and resources are abundant in this world. There are a lot of things for you out there. You need to change your thinking.

So changing your scarcity mindset to an abundance one will change your emotions. You can do this by concentrating on your improvement. Learning something exciting every day will help you stay motivated and continue in your life.

You can also start a side hustle with your job, like making a living with a blog or freelancing. This way, you will spend your time productively instead of spending it on negative emotions.

Don’t Believe What You See On Social Media

Real life is not perfect. It is full of failure and fallbacks. So don’t let social media make you feel inferior. What you see there isn’t real.

You will never see a feed on social media about a person who has lost a job or someone who lost huge money in business. But these things happen regularly. So what you see on social media isn’t reality. It is something far away from reality.

So, the next time you see someone sharing what seems like a perfect life. Know in your mind that it is just a piece of the puzzle. In reality, life is much more complicated than this.

Final thought

It is normal to feel jealous of others and consider yourself a failure, but you shouldn’t let these emotions overcome you. You must look at the bigger picture and understand that life isn’t perfect.

Moreover, creating the habit of reading, concentrating on your education, and opening up to friends will help you to stay in check and overcome these emotions.


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