Facebook Orca


Orca is a folder related to the Facebook messenger app. Any android device having a Facebook app will have this folder; it is used through Facebook to store all the audios videos, images, and other data files that cover massive storage of your phone. You could not delete this folder; it will become reborn whenever you launch the messenger app; it is not related to any virus; it is only a folder on the Facebook app to store all data of Facebook it is not also a URL.

How I find OCRA on my Mobile:

We can find Orca in our mobile select the internal storage of your android mobile, which may be SD card click on the android and data folder and open the application subfolder and look for the Facebook.

Why is Orca important?

Now you think that why this folder is essential, this is important it can recover your deleted messages or by mistake deleted messages now you can recover those messages quickly though Orca.

Can I delete Facebook Orca?

You can delete  this folder but not permanently when you delete this folder, the folder will regenerate each time you launch the Facebook messenger app on your device, but you can delete this folder store allot of data from the Facebook messenger, including the deleted messages you can also use this folder to recover the deleted messages that you mistakenly deleted there are many situations in which you want back these critical messages or you want to read before the chat with your colleague or something or someone important. The process to get around these messages are given below

So connect your though USB cable into a laptop or desktop

Next, click the explorer button in windows

Select your connected Android device on the left side of the explorer file.

Select the internal storage for your Android mobile, which may be an SD card.

Click the data and the android folders to open them.

Open Facebook Subfolder and then find the com.facebook.orca folder there.

Then Open the com.facebook.orca folder.

Next, click the subfolder of the cache in com.facebook.orca and open it.

Select the fb_temp folder.

Press the Ctrl + C hotkey to copy the selected fb_temp folder.  


Orca is the codename of Facebook Messenger in Android devices. It uses a process known as com.facebook.orca to work correctly. When there is a problem with this process or files need for this process, it may crash. The message appear on your screen that the ‘process com.facebook.orca has stopped unexpectedly.’ it also occurs when there is an issue with the Facebook app or the Messenger, you will see this message. It is a common problem in devices not having much Ram to run these heavy apps properly.


It is effortless to fix this issue. You have to do two things to solve this problem. Follow the steps below:

  • Unlock your mobile or android device and go to Settings.
  • Now tap on Applications.
  • Next, tap on All apps.
  • Find the Messenger app here and click on it. Next, tap on clear all data.
  • Then find the Facebook app clear its data.

Then finally restart your device and launch the Messenger and Facebook app from the play store.


The folder orca is very important and uses the full time to return deleted messages to our Messenger, which are mistakenly or deleted in some situations. I think that this app is the best opportunity.


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