Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is a free messaging app used for instant messaging and sharing pictures, videos, audio recordings, and links individually and in group chats. We can download the app free from the app store or Google Play Store.

The messenger app is a separate app to Facebook, but users can set their profiles using Facebook or contact number. It can likewise add other contacts from the Phonebook on Facebook .

Primary work of Messenger:

Facebook is easy to use and more comfortable as you can share important stuff to the groups on a single click. There is no need to search and forward the pictures separately. messenger has many valuable functions for which a vast audience likes this.

  • Instant messaging
  • Photo/Video sharing
  • Group Chats
  • Connecting with Facebook friends
  • Feature of recording messages
  • Live video calls

Features of Facebook Messenger:

People like using Messenger along with Facebook because it helps in approaching Facebook friends instantly. There are other features of Facebook .

Free to Download:

Facebook is free to download and use. You only need an internet connection to download and use the app. There is no need to pay for a subscription monthly or annually. Just connect to a strong internet and enjoy sharing pictures and videos with your friends.

Connection with Facebook Friends:

If you are a social person and love making friends online, this is the app. You can add friends from Facebook and then contact them via Messenger instantly. Whenever a new friend is added on Facebook, Messenger gives a welcome gesture to the new friend, and then you can send a message and share content easily.

Stickers available in the App:

It is another feature of the app that, just like WhatsApp, stickers are available on Facebook messenger. You can send stickers and gifs to your friends for fun.

There is a tremendous variety of stickers on Facebook messenger. You can download them within the app and enjoy it.

Location Services:

Facebook messenger is now providing another fantastic feature that is location sharing service. Using this feature, you can send your location to your friends and family. It is done by using GPS technology available on most devices. Mostly location services can be found in phone settings where you can enable or disable the access services.

How does it work?

It is effortless to use. Just download the app to your mobile or tablet device. You can farther use the app on the desktop. You can set up your Messenger app by connecting with your Facebook profile and contact number both. If you set-up an account with a Facebook profile, Messenger takes information from your Facebook profile. This information includes your friend’s list and profile picture, etc. The app syncs with your phone contacts and adds them to your messenger contacts.

Privacy Settings:

If you are concerned about your contact list, you can also limit your friends. For example, you don’t want to sync your phone contacts, then skip this option while downloading the app. Turn off this option in the app settings:

Go to settings>People>Turn Synced Contacts Off.

You can also limit people from texting you. To avoid the risk of contact from some unknown people, we suggest switching to strict filtering (only friends can send messages to the account). It applies when a user has set up a Messenger account using Facebook. For this setting:

Go to setting>Select Privacy> Select edit on ‘Whose message do I want to be filtered into my inbox?’> Switch from basic filtering to strict filtering.

In this way, this app is easy to control and easy to use. You can use the app as per your limitations and can enjoy what you want.


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