Examples We Can All Learn From the Story of Jezebel in the Bible


Have you heard somebody tell another person to quit being a Jezebel? Assuming this is the case, then you realize that wasn’t a commendation.

The name Jezebel has been related with scheming, malevolence, or awful standing. Nobody needs to be known as a Jezebel, and certainly, nobody would call their girl that name.

Millennia after Jezebel existed in this world, she’s actually viewed as the embodiment of fiendishness. Ministers don’t generally examine the narrative of Jezebel, yet there are numerous illustrations we can all gain from the Bible, be it from great or fiendish individuals. The Bible purposes guides to show you what’s right and what’s going on.

Who was Jezebel in the Bible?

Jezebel was a princess. As indicated by 1 Kings 16:31, she was the little girl of a Phoenician lord named Ethbaal. She then, at that point, got hitched to Ahab, the seventh lord of Israel. Jezebel impacted her significant other, King Ahab, on such countless things, including persuading him to revere Baal, an icon, and forsake God.

In view of her scheming and devilish ways, she came to be known as an exceptionally shrewd lady. In 1 Kings 18-21, Jezebel shows her real nature by utilizing her situation to impact, murder, take, and even mistreat the prophets of God. She utilized her appeal to persuade, scheme, and impact King Ahab so she could get everything she could possibly want. For more on the narrative of Jezebel, you can look at Never Thirsty.

While Jezebel isn’t the ideal individual to imitate, her story actually has a few essential illustrations you can gain from. Here are a portion of the examples you can gain from Jezebel in the Bible.

1. Try not to squander your great characteristics doing just detestable.

There’s something worth being thankful for in malevolence, and there’s some terrible in the best of individuals. Why was Jezebel positive or negative? The awful rundown might be longer, however she ended up being super beneficial characteristics, in spite of the fact that she involved them for her malevolent ways.

Sovereign Jezebel was savvy, however she utilized her insight to compose her detestable plans. She was fearless and intense, however utilized these characteristics to menace and threaten her subjects. She additionally had solid administration qualities, however utilized this to control and impact her significant other, the King, to do her offering. Jezebel was decisive, however took advantage of this quality to make individuals love symbols and get some distance from God.

Assuming God has favored you with great characteristics, use them to extol His name and not do evil.

2. Try not to abuse power.

Sovereign Jezebel capitalized on her leverage and ability to do anything she needed. She even pulled off murder and other detestable things. As per 1 Kings 21:5-16, Naboth had a grape plantation, which was close to the castle. Jezebel begrudged Naboth and needed the grape plantation for herself. At the point when she went to request that Naboth offer the grape plantation to her, he denied in light of the fact that it was a legacy from his dad.

The sovereign not set in stone to gain the grape plantation that she started plotting against Naboth. She composed letters to the seniors with bogus complaints against Naboth. She additionally dedicated falsification and wholesale fraud utilizing King Ahab’s seal on the letters she used to erroneously blame Naboth. She even persuaded misleading observers to affirm that Naboth had reviled God and the King. This got the King exceptionally frantic, and he requested the demise of Naboth.

Naboth was then killed. Lord Ahab got ownership of the grape plantation, and Jezebel indeed got everything she could possibly want. In 1 Kings 21:15, Jezebel told her better half, “Claim the grape plantation of Naboth the Jezreelite that he had would not offer to you; he’s at this point not alive, yet dead.” When Ahab caught wind of Naboth’s passing, he got up and claimed the grape plantation.

Jezebel utilized her place of authority to annihilate any individual who went against her. God’s prophets were additionally threatened and scared of Jezebel. They had motivation to be; she had requested for every one of them to be killed.

From this story, you discover that you shouldn’t utilize your ability to mistreat and foul up to your subjects. As a pioneer, you can show others how its done and be fair and just to individuals who admire you. This applies to the present chiefs who utilize their position to perpetrate wrongdoing, defilement, and take from individuals. In the event that they get a leaf from Jezebel’s story, we as a whole realize it didn’t end well for her.

3. Serve just a single God.

At the point when Jezebel got hitched to King Ahab, she impacted him to leave the love of Yahweh and advance the love of icons Asherah and Baal. Ruler Ahab accepted his significant other’s recommendation, and, surprisingly, made individuals love Asherah and Baal and decline God.

During King Ahab’s rule, the seventh King of Israel, the love of God turned out to be nearly non-existent. Raised areas assembled and devoted to the love of God were obliterated and supplanted with sanctuaries and special raised areas committed to symbol love.

Jezebel even utilized cash from the Royal arrangements to finance Asherah and Baal’s prophets during a serious starvation in Samaria. She plotted to kill the prophets of God, and there just stayed a couple, including Prophet Elijah, who needed to escape for his life. Click here

This advises us that there’s just a single living God, and all commendation and magnificence ought to be to him. At the point when Jezebel betrayed God, her passing was grim, similarly as Elijah had forecasted it. She just a brief time after Ahab had kicked the bucket in a fight. Ruler Jehu, who took after Ahab, requested Jezebel’s court individuals to toss her through of her window.

Ruler Jehu requested her body to be taken for internment. All things considered, she was a princess and a ruler’s better half. At the point when the workers went to respect the King’s solicitation, they found just her skull. Homeless canines had consumed the remainder of her tissue, similarly as prophet Elijah had forecasted before.

Jezebel encountered a horrifying passing since she violated against God and her detestable deeds against individuals of God.


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