Durfing: What Does It Means? What’s going on here?


Durfing Meaning

1) when you’re participating in sexual relations and you fart, and a little piece of poop slides down your leg and onto ur assistant.

2) when you miss shots on true when playing soccer.

Durfing: what correct?

A point of view and body that is incepted later a burdening evening of celebrating in which causes you to lose all hold on the real world and procrastinate to your most noteworthy limit. Typical side impacts are Hands in pants for the widened proportion of time, continuous gas release, drive to use of “couch pizza“, refusal of changing your pants you peed in hours earlier, sensitivities to any light source, having an aroma like a foot, upset stomach, and Loose guts.

What’s the significance here?”

Thing: a name for the hair that creates on the ruin.

Durfing Meaning

The locale between the scrotum sees “nutsack” and the butt sphincter that prevents one from crapping on his nuts.

Durfing Definition

The exhibit of Premarital dry knocking. This occurs during the seeking time frame for the LDS religion.

Durfing Slang

The exhibition, most commonly utilized by mormon youngsters, of dry bumping through articles of clothing. Oftentimes joined by blue balls as for the individual and a culpable conscience in the piece of the youngster.


The show of dry knocking while simultaneously making out, by and large between “normal Mormons” in Provo, Utah. A typical hookup among Mormon Millenials incorporates making out and durfing also known as “dick surfing” at a post spot, for instance, the Y parking structure or Squaw Pinnacle.


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