Dumpor: the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer


Dumper, the mysterious Instagram story watcher, has made very much a name for itself over the most recent couple of weeks, so I chose to look at it and see what was going on with all the fight. I could perceive immediately that this would have been an amazing asset, yet if you don’t watch out, it can likewise cause a harm to your standing or even your wellbeing. This is the very thing that you really want to know about dumpor before you download it.

What Is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a device that permits you to secretly and namelessly view any Instagram story from anybody. You can likewise watch anybody’s profile or devotees while they were on live so you can see who they’re following and the number of supporters they have. Another cool element is having the option to look for clients by area so you can follow individuals in your space! There are huge loads of unknown applications out there professing to be private, however none contrast with Dumpor’s degree of safety. Dumpor has been totally re-composed without any preparation with new code and progressed encryption, permitting it to be unparalleled in its private capacities. We have a zero logs strategy, and that implies we never keep information on our servers!

Whenever you download dumpor, if it’s not too much trouble, try to peruse our agreements. We approach security extremely in a serious way at Dumpor, so if it’s not too much trouble, use it mindfully. Assuming that you experience any bugs, go ahead and send us an email about it alongside your ideas!

How to Use It?

If you have any desire to watch somebody’s Instas yet need to ensure they don’t realize you are, Dumpor is an extraordinary method for getting it done. Essentially type in their username, and Dumpor will show their labeled photographs and stories (on the off chance that there are any). You can likewise look at who their supporters are-and look at their accounts without following them back. To keep up with complete namelessness, basically close your program window at whatever point you feel like it. It just takes one incidental snap for your personality to be uncovered via web-based entertainment; fortunately, Dumpor is a simple device that protects each of its clients while doing what they need or need to do.

All things considered, everybody knows how perilous following individuals via web-based entertainment can be! Around here at Dumpor, we view security exceptionally in a serious way. We scramble our servers, so none of your information at any point leaves our control, and we are absolutely against putting away IP locations or data that could by and by recognize you, for example, telephone numbers or email addresses and so forth, in contrast to a portion of our rivals.

Why Is It Useful?

A many individuals need to follow their exes or others secretly. They need to have the option to see what they are doing via online entertainment however don’t believe them should realize that they are making it happen. By and large, there is additionally a part of needing retribution and being harmed about something. Dumpor permits you to look at your ex’s Instagram stories and photographs free of charge without them being familiar with it. There is no information exchange expected by any means – which makes it really unknown. You can ensure that you miss no photos from companions or family too via looking by labels in your space or different areas of interest, for example, neighborhoods, urban communities and so forth

Clients get constant warnings by means of pop-up messages, so they will miss nothing fascinating. It is not difficult to look by profiles since it pulls directly from a client’s telephone directory (this possibly happens when clients concur), which then permits you admittance to clients’ records that poor person yet joined themselves and permits you to abstain from having huge loads of messiness while looking at things.

Clients will get moment pop-up messages once somebody begins following them back – it works very much like Twitter or Tinder warnings however rather are accessible on versatile whenever, anyplace! Clients can see explicitly labeled area posts secretly through a guide interface! On the off chance that a client needs more security highlights, we anticipate adding a face acknowledgment include soon, so they don’t seem their name on screen!


Dumpor is a free and private mysterious Instagram watcher that permits you to watch Instagram stories and profile secretly. With Dumpor, you can look through Instagram clients by tag or area to figure out the entirety of their accounts from the most recent 24 hours or saved stories. Dumpor additionally furnishes you with all client profiles and supporters of any client free of charge. Private Instagram seeing made simple by Dumpor! Why use Dumpor? Share your story secretly with others utilizing photograph, video and drawing devices. Furthermore, view other Instagram clients’ accounts without advising them (when they are not following you).

Likewise, there are numerous circumstances when it’s not fitting to inform somebody that he/she has been seen (e.g., somebody unfollowed your record subsequent to taking a gander at your photograph on their feed), so it’s cool assuming there was an application that permitted us to see their photographs without alarming them about it… and that is actually the thing dumpor accomplishes for you! Try not to fall behind patterns – download dumpor now and don’t miss another story!


While many elements of Dumpor might appear to be innocuous in separation, when taken together, they become very risky. For instance, you can undoubtedly follow and follow somebody’s profile by review stories namelessly. Moreover, with geolocation; While labeling areas won’t show that area’s username or profile picture to other people whenever utilized physically (i.e., snapping a picture from one area and posting it with another area labeled), it is feasible to label different areas on photographs as a component of a story so that different watchers might see.

When utilized malignantly by outsiders, such instruments could hurt clients. Notwithstanding security worries of utilizing these capacities, there are additionally protection concerns engaged with utilizing these instruments since a great many people use Instagram stories freely.


Dumpor allows you to see stories, profiles and labeled posts of others secretly. With Dumpor, you can likewise look for profiles or labels in a mysterious manner. The application is accessible in Google Play Store and App Store. Introduce it today and safeguard your protection! Your reality will be significantly more intriguing and puzzling.




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