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What classes as a diver’s watch I hear you ask? There are many different elements of a watch that help to class it as a diver’s watch, without these elements it’s hard for any timepiece to be classed as a diver watch. Here at House of Watches we have a vast selection of dive watches from luxury to pre owned.

Water resistance

Water resistance is probably the most obvious element of a dive watch, how can you dive if your watch isn’t water resistant? To qualify as a dive watch the timepiece needs a minimum water resistance of 100 meters. The ISO water resistance test consists of a controlled condensation test.

The watch will be submerged in hot water for ten minutes, then into cool water for another ten minutes and then a final ten minutes in hot water with less than a minute in between temperature changes. It is then tested for condensation, if there is no condensation then the watch is perfect for diving.

Depending on the number of water resistance will depend on the pressure depth the timepiece can withstand. Normally water resistance will be measured in feet or meters, so it is always worth checking the measurement you are used to. Each water measurement has different meanings so it is also worth doing your research before diving straight into the deep end of the pool or taking a casual swim in the sea.

Additional Functions

There are many additional functions included when it comes to the technology within dive and water resistant watches.

A screw down crown is crucial to avoid water getting into your watch. The crow is the little knob on the side of your watch, every watch has one however dive watch crowns are screwed down tightly to stop water entering your timepiece. It is incredibly important to make sure that the crown is screwed down tightly before entering the water; if the crown is loose then water can get inside the watch and potentially damage the mechanics inside the watch.

Another screw in element of a dive watch is a screw in case back. The case is the piece that protects the underside of the watch. Normally sealed with rubber the screw in case is designed to keep liquids out and prevent any type of moisture getting inside the watch.

A rotating bezel is a normal feature of dive watches; it allows you to measure the time you spend in the water. It can also help to calculate how much air supply you have left and keep you safe whilst diving. There are two different types of rotating bezels. Unidirectional and bidirectional, unidirectional only rotates in one direction whereas, bidirectional can rotate in two directions.

Another feature of a dive watch is its luminosity. A dive watch will normal feature luminous hands, hour markers and a luminous dot on the bezel insert and these are normally found in a bright green to make it easier to tell the time in the dark.

Finally, most dive watches will have expandable straps or have an option for an alternative strap that will easily fit over your wetsuit. These straps are usually made from either silicone or rubber as they are more durable in the water.

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