Disney Plus Not Working? 9 Ways to Fix it

  • Clearing your browser cache and the app cache will fix Disney Plus that isn’t working.
  • You can update your app or check if your Wi Fi connection or Disney Plus are down.
  • You can also check to see if your network has any restrictions on content or error codes.

Disney Plus One of the most popular streaming services, with a huge video library that includes most Disney films and TV shows, including tentpole franchises like Star Wars or Marvel. 

There are several possible solutions if the Disney Plus App doesn’t work on your device, computer or TV. 

Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you get back on track.

Close Disney Plus, and restart it

You can fix a lot of glitchy behavior in the Disney Plus App by closing it and restarting it. close an app on Android close an app on iOS. After closing the app, open it again to check if the problem is solved.

If the problem is on a streaming device or smart TV, you can also close the app and restart it there. However, the instructions will differ depending on the device.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

It may seem obvious, but if you’re having trouble accessing Disney Plus, ensure you have an active internet connection. There are a lot of ways to test this — for starters, check for Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength icons at the top of your phone or tablet. You can also watch a video on YouTube.

If there’s a problem with your connectionReboot your Wi-Fi router or cable modem by turning them off for at minimum two minutes, then turning them on again, and waiting approximately ten minutes for your connection to reestablish.

Check to see whether Disney Plus is available offline

Disney Plus should be available almost every day, but it is worth checking to make sure that the service is not offline. DownDetector monitors the status of websites, services, so you can visit the Disney Plus network status page at DownDetectorSee what it reports.

Resolve common Disney Plus error codes

You might also find that Disney Plus may give you a hint by showing an error message to help with troubleshooting the issue. These errors are often cryptic but they can often be helpful. Here are some tips to help you resolve the most common error codes in Disney Plus.

  • Error code 23 or 43This error typically means that your internet connection is very unstable. It is possible to improve your signal by either resetting the router and modem, switching from WiFi to a wired Ethernet, or moving to a different area of the house to receive better WiFi reception.  
  • Error code: 73: This error usually indicates that you’re trying access content from another country. Disney does not allow this. Reboot your router or modem to ensure you are not trying to access content in another region. You could also be using a VPN to access content from another region. If you do, turn it off.
  • Error code 833: This could be a sign that the service is concerned about your device’s compatibility. Check that the device is compatible for Disney Plus. If not, restart it. Reinstall the app if necessary. Try using Disney Plus on a different device if possible.   

Quick tip: You may also see our guide fixing Disney Plus error codesFor more troubleshooting tips, click here

Make sure Disney Plus is accessible in your area

If Disney Plus doesn’t work when you travel, it could be because the streaming service isn’t available in your region. You can easily check if Disney Plus worksIn that country. 

If you don’t have the right equipment, you can still try. setting up a VPNSet it to your current region to have access. Or, you can wait until after you return home to stream.

Find out if Disney Plus is being blocked by a network administrator

Sometimes, Wi-Fi is restricted by people and organizations. Network administrators at schools, libraries, and workplaces can block your device access to Disney Plus while you are surfing the internet.

If you are on a smartphone, switching to mobile data is the best solution. You can also create a personal hotspot on your iPhone or Androidto allow your computer to connect. You can wait until you get back to use your Wi-Fi to stream Disney Plus.

Update the Disney Plus app

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Disney Plus app for Android and iOS. Sometimes bugs can cause the app to stop working properly. Upgrading it can fix this problem. 

Our guide will give you a refresher on the best ways to do it. updating Android apps updating iOS apps.

Clear the cache of the app

If the Disney Plus app on iOS and Android does not work after you have tried all of the above, it could be due to a corrupted cache.

Clearing the cache is easy with Android. Although the process may vary depending upon which Android version you’re using this is the general procedure.

1. Start the Settings app.

2. Tap Apps & Notifications.

3. Tap All appsTap then Disney Plus.

4. Tap Storage & cache.

5.Tap Clear cache.

iOS doesn’t offer a quick way to clear the cache. If you have an iPhone or iPad you will need to. uninstall the appYou can reinstall Disney Plus via the App Store.

NotificationIf clearing the cache doesn’t work, you can also uninstall the Disney Plus App on Android and reinstall it. Click Here

Clear your browser’s cache

A broken cache can also affect your ability to watch Disney Plus from a browser. Clearing the cache is an easy and quick way to fix the problem. We have prepared a guide to help you do this. clearing Google Chrome’s cacheclearing Firefox’s cacheclearing Microsoft Edge’s cache.


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