Differentiation Between THC-O And Delta 8


Cannabis’s popularity is on the rise, and its use for medicinal and recreational purposes is expected to keep rising. The popularity is stimulated by attitude shift on cannabis use as its  

legalization status changes and research intensifies.   

Among the notable discoveries are delta 8 and THC-O. These compounds from the cannabis plant are powerful herbal products loved for their therapeutic effects. Although both are cannabinoids with similar effects and may help treat similar conditions, they are distinct with unique properties that set them apart.   

Understanding the differences between THC-O vs. delta 8 will help you make informed buying decisions. Read on to discover how these two reputable cannabis products are different.   

What Are Delta 8 and THC-O 

To understand the differences between delta 8 and THC-O, we must know what they are first. Delta 8 is a THC source found within the cannabis plant in trace amounts. Its double bond structure is found on the eighth atom. Conversely, the THC-O compound is a derivative from Delta 8. 

The Production Process  

Delta 8 is sourced directly from the hemp plant. To produce the delta 8 THC, manufacturing brands first take a hemp plant and extract CBD oil. They then isolate Delta 8 cannabinoids from the oil. Other brands also prefer to grow plants rich in delta 8 for different products. 

THC-O is a compound not found naturally in any plant. Lab technicians take federally legal hemp plants and extract CBD oil. They break down the CBD oil till they get delta 8. They combine D8 with ingredients like Acetic anhydride to obtain THC-O. Obtaining THC-O is a complex process and cannot be carried out by just anyone: it requires high-level expertise. 

Effects And Potency   

Potency and effects are the main areas THC-O and delta 8 differ. THC-O is highly psychoactive compared to delta-8 or any other form of THC. It is three times more potent than THC. Many users experience pain relief, stress relief, and increased energy levels. 

Delta 8 is famous because it is mildly psychoactive and has strong therapeutic effects. Many people find it calming, and it does not cause paranoia making it perfect for those wishing to experience a mild high. Delta 8 offers supportive and gentle euphoric effects with no anxiety triggers.   

The different potencies in these products mean that one should be cautious not to confuse them. You must start with small doses if you wish to try the more potent. 


Delta 8 is legal according to the 2018 farm bill as long as the extraction of the product is from legal hemp. But some states have their stances on these cannabinoid products. Thus, even though delta 8 is federally legal, there are some 15 states where it is not permitted and classified as a schedule 1 drug.  

Even though THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid, manufacturers derive it from hemp. This also makes it legal under the 2018 farm bill. And as of today, it is still federally legal in all states, unlike delta 8.  

Consumption Safety 

When you act irresponsibly consuming any cannabis product, you put yourself and your health at risk. Some manufacturers chose to add third-party products into the original THC-O and delta 8. There can be no comparison between the THC-O and delta 8 because safety depends on the consumption method and purchasing from a trusted vendor.   

So before or after purchasing your products, read the information about the ingredients carefully to avoid any that might affect you adversely. For guaranteed safety, do not consume a very high dose the first time. Take the dose at a low start and increase it gradually. The therapeutic effects of THC-O and D8 are not entirely known, but there are future expectations for upcoming medical breakthroughs.  

Similarities in Consumption method  

 Though different, Delta-8 and THC-O have some similarities. They are similar in how one can consume them. The consumption methods include: 

  • Edibles: are available as gummies in different flavors for THC-O and delta 8. The effects are fast-acting, but they are long-lasting. The different flavored gummies make them more appealing than capsules or tinctures.   
  • Tinctures: you take them sublingually (under the tongue). 
  • Vaping is the best way to consume THC-O and delta 8 for fast-acting effects and high bioavailability.  
  • Smoking: just as with vaping, the effects are fast-acting.  
  • Capsules are safer to consume as the pills are already premeasured, reducing the risk of overdosing.  
  • Topicals: are applied to the skin. They come as lip balms, lotions, creams, and salves.  


The best thing about delta 8 and THC-O is that they achieve therapeutic effects in different potencies. For mild stimulation and high, delta 8 is ideal but go for THC-O if you want potent effects. However, the consumption method and dosage determine the impact. Since there is no set dosage, you should start low and increase gradually depending on how you feel. Also, consult a doctor for an expert opinion.  


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