Different Types of Security Cameras

Hilook colorvu
Hilook colorvu

Security cameras are more than a product that ensures the safety of various types of properties from houses to shopping plazas and institutions to wildlife.  They provide important information on particular areas in the form of images and videos. People install security cameras to ensure the safety of their property they are not around.

Various security cameras such as CCTV are also used in public places to reduce the crime rate and ensure the implementation of traffic rules. Modern technology introduced a huge variety of security cameras. However, Hilook colorvu technology provides the best security cameras with incredible speed and range.

Most security cameras use infrared technology to capture images or record videos. They are weatherproofed, therefore, provide clear footage even from long distances. However, the quality of the footage depends on the lens ability and power of the camera.

It’s a difficult process to select a security camera from such a huge collection. However, some common security cameras that are used for multiple purposes are:

Wired, Wireless, and infrared Technology Cameras

Based on shape, and limitations of features, security cameras are distributed into three major classes. Security cameras with a connection wire are the oldest version of security cameras. They are installed to ensure the security and safety of homes, businesses, and other places. They contain two wires.

One wire connects the camera to the power source. And the second wire is used for the connection of the security cam and your landline. It can capture images and videos even in the dark. These cameras used movement capturing features to record photos and videos.

With the advancement of technology all products also become more advanced and easy to use. Wireless security cameras are the modern form of safety tool. They do not need a wire for connection with the landline because it works with Wi-Fi. However, a power supply wire is also required in this camera. But they also contain storage betrayers on the back side to ensure the continuous performance of the cameras during power out.

Most cameras use infrared technology to capture images and record videos. They possess infrared elements that detect the change in heat and light. And they are strong enough to capture slight changes that are invisible to human eyes. They detect the change and send signals to the landline. They may be wired or wireless.

Hilook colorvu
Hilook colorvu


The most advanced form of a security camera is the PTZ camera. PTZ stands for the three unique features of this camera that are pan, tilt, and zoom. PTZ and DOM cameras may look similar but they are greatly varied in terms of functions. They allow remote direction adjustment. PTZ is a multi-functional camera and highly customizable.

Its zooming function allows the setting of size and distance of capturing. It is not only used for security purposes but also used in various industries. PTZ cameras are the best choice for drama or movie recording, distance learning, and holding online conferences. The security cameras with unique features of pan, tilt, and zoom required proper installation to work effectively.


The word CCTV is not unknown to the public. We often hear this word in various ways, especially on news channels. It’s the abbreviation of closed-circuit television. These security cameras are installed to capture, record, and save all the movements of a specific area of installation. They work to a defined range.

And transfer all the data to the TV screens connected to them. They also stored all the data through a separate memory card or wireless feature. They are often installed in offices, schools, homes, and on roads to monitor every movement.

IP Camera

It is the most advanced form of a security camera. IP is the short form of an internet portal.  The reason behind this name is that they work with the Internet and can share the recordings to any device that is connected through the internet.

Sensors used in IP cams are so sharp and sensitive that they can detect any unusual movement within nanoseconds. And they can capture or record high-quality images and videos in the darkness. All IP cameras require proper installation. And hikvision nvr 4 channel is the best choice to manage IP cameras. The reason is that it provides HD output and allows you to connect more than 5 IP cameras at a time.


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