Different Types of Bracelets


There are many different types of bracelets to choose from here at T. H. Baker. We have a fantastic selection for you to choose from to add to your jewelry box or to gift to a loved one or a friend. No matter your style or budget there is sure to be the perfect bracelet for you. Here are the different types of bracelets you can purchase.

A tennis bracelet is a bracelet made up of either diamonds or gemstones placed in a symmetrical pattern, all connected by a thin metal chain. The reason this bracelet is called a tennis bracelet is due to the 1987 US Open where professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet in the middle of the match. She asked the officials to pause the game whilst she searched for the bracelet, whilst TV viewers and spectators watched the tennis bracelet search take place.

Charm bracelets have become increasingly popular over the years and many popular brands have created their own versions that have taken the world by storm. So what exactly is a charm bracelet? Charms are small decorative trinket that has a symbolic meaning to the owner; traditionally charms were worn to ward off evil. However, nowadays, a charm is worn to signify a range of things. A charm bracelet can be any kind of bracelet that has been built to hold these trinkets or charms.

A bangle is essentially still a bracelet, however, to determine the two the simplest of terms is that a bangle is known to be a more rigid and ring-shape-styled bracelet which is traditionally made from metal. The bangle has been worn by various cultures throughout time and some have even been found to date back to 2600 BC.

Chain and link bracelets again are another style of bracelet that has become increasingly more popular in recent times. A chain or link bracelet is a piece of jewellery worn on the wrist that is made by connecting links into a band.

The slider or toggle bracelet is an alternative style of clasp in comparison to that of a more traditional bracelet. With an adjustable slider toggle that makes it easier when it comes to sizing and wearing as there is no longer any need to try and secure a small clasp. Slider and toggle bracelets are a trendy feature to stock amongst other bracelets and that is why they are becoming increasingly more popular.

The wrap bracelet is another great alternative look to a traditional bracelet, embracing the elements of that classic look with additional length to wrap around the wrist multiple times. Traditionally the wrap bracelet is made from leather and can vary in color and may also contain stones.

We have a fantastic selection of bracelets here at T. H. Baker, from diamond tennis bracelets to leather wrap bracelets. We are sure to have the perfect bracelet to gift or just as a treat for you. Shop our bracelet collection online or in-store at T. H. Baker.


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