The Perfect Custom Signs And Banners For Your Next Golf Tournament


Golf tournaments are a huge thing in the western hemisphere and to avid golfers and connoisseurs of the sport, golf is more than just a recreational activity. These events also attract large crowds – a major reason why brands eye these tournaments as serious opportunities for brand promotion. And what’s a promotion event without promotional materials!

Can you imagine a golf tournament or any outdoor sporting activity, for that matter, without event tents and promotional banners? The answer quite simply is ‘No’. And that’s because, in the last few decades or so, custom canopy tents and banners together have proven their worth as some of the most effective marketing tools conceived by man. 

Here’s what makes them so effective –

  • Promotional materials are used to spread the word: people get to know about brands and their offerings because of them. Banners have been used to promote brands for who knows how long! There’s proof of them being used in antiquity. Of late, branded tents with slogans and taglines printed on them have taken the world of marketing by storm. 
  • The perfect promotional material is easy to customize: this is true for both banners and event tents. Banners are normally made from PVC sheets and tents employ either PVC or polyester and sometimes any of their derivatives. These materials are extremely printer-friendly, meaning you can print anything on them, from catchy graphics to slogans.    
  • An effective branding tool is easy to transport: we already mentioned how the materials used in making custom canopy tents and banners are easy to customize. These materials are also extremely lightweight making them easy to be transported from one venue to another. Portability is key to a marketing accessory’s success and both tents and banners hit the nail on the head in this regard.
  • A marketing material needs to be durable: when you invest in a good quality tent or banner, you add an asset to your inventory. You can expect your marketing accessory to last for seasons on end.

Now let’s understand how you can prep up your tent or banner for your next golf tournament. So, read on!

First-time event organizers as well as seasoned campaignersemploy marketing accessories to make their events 

  • Visually striking;
  • Promote brands;
  • Create a welcoming environment for guests.

Themain accessories of choice are, of course,event tents, promotional banners and custom inflatables. How do you prep each for your next big event? Let’s see.

Custom banners and flags

Flags come in all sorts of varieties like feather flags, pennant strings and teardrops. When it comes to banners, you have things like pull-up banners, pop-up banners, display boards and so on. Your choice of banner or flag type depends purely on your aesthetic preferences and how you want to position your event – a fun one or a something with a more serious undertone. 

Golf tournaments are fun events. Hence, it’s best to keep the overall ambience fun-filled and exciting. Here’s a few tips to work with banners and flags in your next golf tournament:

  • Clusters of richly colored feather flags look stunning in an open space like a golf course. Use them to highlight your main sponsors. 
  • Pennant strings and teardrops are best employed in refreshment stands. 
  • Brand stands can make use of pop-up banners to highlight exciting offers or new product launches.  
  • The most effective banners and flags are those that are rendered in respective brand colors with clear and catchy messages printed across them. 

Event tents

We cannot say enough about how good event tents are for brand promotion. And how versatile they are! 

  • You can use them on the beach or poolside for fun parties. 
  • You can use tents as stalls in farmers’ markets or during bonfire nights. 
  • Gala events like fundraisers and corporate parties look grander in the shade of large event tents. 
  • Part of the charm of destination weddings comes from custom printed tents.
  • You can extend the seating capacity of your café pretty easily with the help of tents.

There’s so much you can do with a custom pop up tent! For those intending to use a custom tent for brand promotion, here’s a few important things to look out for.

  • Think of the tent canopy as an empty canvas. Home in on the perfect graphics to fill the canopy by discussing design elements with experts. Normally your tent manufacturer will have in-house graphics designers to help you out.
  • Choose a brand logo that is appealing, timeless and easy to associate with.
  • Use witty and concise catchphrases to go with the logo. 
  • Make sure the tent is rendered in brand colors for more effective brand promotion.
  • Accessories like PVC walls and tent flags add to the visual appeal of event tents. 
  • Combine tents with banners, flags and other promotional paraphernalia for maximum impact.

Custom Inflatables 

Custom inflatables. As the name suggests. Are inflatable shapes made of PVC that are used for a myriad different purposes by various industries. You can see them being employed as brand mascots. Inflatable castles and slides make for great inclusions to kids’ zones in theme parks and outdoor events. In general. And. Last but not the least. Inflatable tents have carved their niche in the outdoor camping landscape due to their incredibly user-friendly construction. 

Custom inflatables are best used in golf tournaments as brand mascots. Custom signs and fun-zones for kids. 


No matter if it is your first event or umpteenth, you can always use tents, banners and custom inflatables to great effect to promote brands and make the event a hit among visitors and stake holders alike. Just plan ahead and let these versatile accessories work their magic!  custom canopy tents.


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