Comparing two solutions for electronic medical records: Charm EHR& NOSH EHR!

Comparing two solutions for electronic medical records: Charm EHR& NOSH EHR!
Comparing two solutions for electronic medical records: Charm EHR& NOSH EHR!

Medical billing software should have several features, and Charm emrand NOSH are no exceptions. This article will compare CharmHealth with NOSH based on its features, usability, and overall cost. Read on then.

Charm EHRVs. NOSH- overview:

CharmHealth’s EHR software offers a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant option for small to mid-sized clinics. You can easily manage patients with the program’s help, which lets you keep track of billing and patient care. You may group, tag, and organize documents with the help of this software’s integrated document management module for quick access. Moreover, QuickBooks is integrated. Additionally, CharmHealth complies with HIPAA so that it won’t run up huge expenses.

Charm EHR is the market’s physician-friendly EHR with its simple, touch-ready user interface and availability on iPads and other tablet computers. In contrast to adapting to the EHR, it is very configurable and adjusts to your practice needs. Since we value your time above all else, Charm works tirelessly to make the visual experience as seamless as possible.

The New Open-Source Health NOSH EHR was created particularly for healthcare facilities that treat day patients. The software makes it simpler for medical practitioners to access a user-friendly, cutting-edge, rapid, and inexpensive electronic health record. It provides features including secure chat, a patient portal, appointment booking, and reminders. Users have access to a wide variety of templates.

Key feature comparison- CharmHealth VS NOSH:

Charm EHRfeatures:

Integrated with QuickBooks:

Charm EHR may be your answer if you’re seeking an EHR system that interacts with QuickBooks. CharmHealth has a user-friendly interface, customizable SOAP templates, an integrated patient portal, and integrated billing and payments. Thanks to the program, you can track your patients’ insurance claims and conduct in-the-moment eligibility checks. In addition, you don’t have to deal with manual data entry because CharmHealth is integrated with QuickBooks.

CharmHealth is MU Stage 3-certified and HIPAA-compliant while being cloud-based. Its consumers have earned excellent marks for its user-friendly user interface and workflow. Integrated patient intake forms, SOAP notes, inventory control, and clinical decision assistance are all features of the system. You can also modify the program’s interface to meet your practice’s requirements. Whatever your spending limit, CharmHealth is compatible with QuickBooks for desktop and mobile.


This HIPAA-compliant system offers many capabilities, including telehealth and immunization registry integration. Discover some of CharmHealth’s top qualities and effectiveness by reading this review. It is the ideal option for medical offices, hospitals, and health systems seeking a comprehensive EHR solution.

The EHR software from CharmHealth is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant option for small to mid-sized practices. You may easily manage patients with the program, handle billing, and monitor patient care. This software’s integrated document management tool enables you to group, tag, and organize documents for quick access. It incorporates QuickBooks as well. Additionally, CharmHealth complies with HIPAA. Therefore, it is affordable. 

Flexible practice workflow:

Charm is a single SaaS practice solution that combines a billing platform and a fully integrated cloud-based EHR. Small billing service providers, large multi-specialty practices, and solo providers use Charm. It has capabilities for Practice Management, Patient Portal, TeleHealth, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and LabConnect. In addition, the business uses user feedback to rank its products according to usability and consumer satisfaction.

Charm Health offers electronic health records, practice administration, and HIPAA-compliant cloud-based medical billing. It may be modified to add new features as your practice expands and is highly adaptable to meet the demands of your clinic. You can also design intake forms that patients can fill out before their appointments. An essential benefit for any healthcare firm is that Charm Health is the only cloud-based EHR that has received ONC MU 2015 certification.

Key Features of NOSH EHR:

The NOSH EHRCharting System exclusively makes use of the best software available, including products from some of the biggest and most reputable ISPs, such as Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Amazon. Any server platform can support NOSH EHR installation. The tool can be configured as a stand-alone or cloud-based solution.

Medical Charts:

The NOSH EHR solution thoroughly covers demographics, functional health problems, prescriptions, dietary supplements, and details of previous medical check-ups. Along with an automatic notice and reminder system, the software has a built-in document generation and management system that can link with the patient portal. 

Patient Login system:

This feature enables users to get in touch with their doctor, make appointments, finish paperwork, keep track of their medical history, and set up SMS and email reminders. In addition, different portals, such as providers, billers, and assistants, offer special access features and security. read about also: Orthopedic instruments


As free and open-source software, all features of NOSH EHR are fully customizable. Everything, including dashboard modules and patient-specific records, can be customized to meet your requirements. Integrating with third-party software also makes it possible to expand the functionality.


Practitioners can now handle multiple tasks related to scheduling, patient data, inventory, and finances from a single platform. Thanks to its connectivity features, everyone can stay organized, including physicians, assistants, billers, and patients. Additionally, users can collaborate with programmers to improve the solution through the GitHub repository software. 

Pricing comparison Charm EHR VS NOSH EHR:

The two main EHR software plans offered by Charmhealth are free and premium. Paid subscriptions include unlimited users and extras like E-prescriptions, patient portals, and billing profiles, whereas free plans have a cap on the number of user licenses. Free projects, however, do not offer TeleHealth services or the option to share the system with coworkers. Free programs are, therefore, not recommended for lone practitioners or small practices. Enterprise plans are designed for large conventions and include more advanced features.

The highly flexible system has role-based access controls and a customizable interface. As practice expands, it is possible to add new features. For example, users can design unique forms for each patient using templates for different specialties. The fact that Charmhealth’s customer service is headquartered outside of the US is a drawback. However, the business provides email and phone help for any inquiries. You should be aware that you could receive a quote for the software within a few weeks if you consider buying it.

NOSH EHR Pricing:

NOSH EHR has a $50 introductory monthly fee. Get in touch with the supplier to obtain a customized strategy.

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Final Thought:

Consider CharmHealth if you’re looking for a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system. Charm EHR is ad-free and feature-rich even in its free edition (50 interactions each month). For documentation needs, Nosh EHR is the most useful EHR program. It is a beautiful tool for healthcare professionals and is inexpensive. However, the software section depends on your needs at the very end. Therefore, we advise you to watch a CharmHealth and a NOSH EHR demo to get a good idea of the feature’s applicability to your practice.


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