Chill in Style with Thermador Refrigerators: A Perfect Blend of Form and Function


Are you looking for cooking appliances that will last a long time and won’t give up on you? Try Thermador refrigerators. Famous for being one of the most reliable brands on the market, Thermador refrigerators outperform other kitchen appliances and offer luxury, style, efficiency, and more at a great price.

One of the most frequently used kitchen appliances is a refrigerator or freezer. It helps preserve food, maintain its taste, and simplifies the cooking process. Thermador offers various refrigerators with advanced technology and materials, so how do you find the best one for your needs?

Here’s a list of the top Thermador refrigerators to help simplify the decision-making process and help you find the best fit within your budget.

T36FT820NS French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

If you are looking for a feature-filled refrigerator, try the Thermador bottom-mount refrigerator. The stainless-steel color and sleek design go seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry and gives your kitchen a professional look.

It has a Free Flow® Cold Air System that evenly distributes cold air throughout the unit. It also has an internal water dispenser with an UltraClarityPro water filter that removes all pollutants and harmful pathogens from the water. Thermador refrigerators are equipped with theater-styled LED lights that limit hot spots and maintain visibility.

Key Features

  • The ice maker makes diamond-shaped ice.
  • The gallon bins offer placement options on the refrigerator door and accommodate gallon-sized containers.
  • It can be connected through Wi-Fi to control temperature and other settings.

T36IB905SP Built-in Two Door Bottom Freezer

The Thermador built-in two-door freezer has an industrial design and stainless-steel build, adding refined strength to your kitchen space. It is ready for custom paneling and can be customized to integrate with your existing cabinetry.

The refrigerator comes equipped with a ThermaFresh system that offers superior temperature and humidity control and lets you preserve your food for longer. It features a redesigned shelving system that can accommodate gallon-sized containers and increases storage space.

Key Features

  • Auto Door Opening technology allows you to open handleless doors with a light push.
  • It has a touchscreen display panel to control lighting, temperature, and other settings.
  • It can be connected via Wi-Fi for contactless control.

T30IR905SP Built-in Refrigerator Column

The Thermador built-in single-column refrigerator is just what you need for a small kitchen. It offers maximum space and advanced features to help you preserve food and maintain taste and quality.

It has soft LED theater lighting that offers increased visibility while reducing hot spots. It also uses the advanced cooling technology of a ThermaFresh system that allows you to manage humidity and temperature precisely.

Key Features

  • The SoftClose® Drawers feature offers smooth glide when opening and closing drawers.
  • You can open doors with a slight push using Auto Door Opening technology.
  • You can install custom panels to integrate with your surrounding cabinetry seamlessly.


You can confidently purchase Thermador refrigerators without worrying about high prices. The highly-qualified brand is known for its reliability, optimal user experience, and premium look in the culinary appliance department. The extra storage space, advanced technology, and smart LED lighting are some of the few reasons they are superior to other brands, and you can get all the refrigerators mentioned on this list at DNJ. Read more..


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