Chicago Rapper A-Roy SHOT DEAD On FB Live . . . In the wake of Winning Fight w/17 Yr Old Boy!!


Find happiness in the hereafter to the well known Chicago rapper A-Roy – he was gunned down without a second thought yesterday, and the whole episode was caught on Facebook Live, MTO News has learned

What’s dismal with regards to A-Roy’s demise, is that it was very much preventable. A-Roy was shot and killed by a 17 year old kid, whom he beat in a fair battle. The adolescent couldn’t acknowledge losing the battle, thus he SHOT the rapper dead – when he turned his back, MTO News noticed.

A lady who lived in the O Block lodging projects heard an uproar outside her window, thus she took out her telephone and began Livestreaming what she saw on Facebook Live.

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The livestream began showing A-Roy and one of his homeboys, battling two young men from the tasks. A-Roy and his homeboy each battled a fair one-on-one battle with a youngster. What’s more A-Roy and his homeboy BOTH beat up the young fellows.

In the wake of winning the battle, A-Roy offered leniency to the crushed young person – and that was an enormous slip-up. Subsequent to walloping the young fellow, the Chicago rapper got off the kid, and turned his back to leave.

That is when, MTO News noticed, the youngster threatened to use a weapon and shot A-Roy almost multiple times. The Chi-town rapper was articulated dead on the scene.

Video of the occurrence is flowing on the web, and it is really upsetting. Here is the video – cautioning it is VERY realistic.


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