Cash Heist: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Alba Flores


Wrongdoing Drama doesn’t get any more sizzling than Money Heist, and a female star in an activity film couldn’t be preferable over Nairobi. Alba Flores played The Professor’s quality control chief for the main heist in the Royal Mint of Spain, and her exhibition was extraordinary. Her personality’s demise in the second heist at the bank of Spain stays the saddest occasion in the wrongdoing dramatization. Intriguing, as her presentation was, Alba Flores isn’t that well known with a large portion of her fans from everywhere the world on the grounds that the vast majority of her profession has been in Spain. Here is a gander at certain things you presumably don’t be aware of her.

Her Journey to Fame

Alba Flores is one of those individuals that were normally destined to act. She joined show school at the youthful age of 13 and concentrated on Dramatic Interpretation just as piano and other instruments. While she is an incredible artist and piano player, Flores’ music vocation hasn’t procured her any expert acknowledgment yet. She, be that as it may, began acting at a youthful age, featuring in the 2005 Spanish film Honeymoon In Hiroshima just as the A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2007. Her exhibition was noted by chiefs and acquired her the principle job of Jamila in the TV show The Time In Between. She turned into a big name in Spain, despite the fact that she didn’t get a lot of global acknowledgment until her part in Netflix’s Vis A Vis.

She Grew Up With A Single Parent

Alba Flores utilizes Alba Gonzalez Villa after her mom, Anna Villa, who needed to bring her up without any help after her father’s demise when she was just nine. Her dad was Antonio Flores, a Spanish performer sliding from another incredible Spanish star Lola Flores. Before he passed on, Alba Flores’ dad kept in touch with her a melody named Alba, which he sang applauding his girl’s excellence. He kicked the bucket from an excess, and his demise is likely the most horrendous experience Alba has at any point needed to persevere. Her mom, Anna Villa, is a Theatrical Producer, yet there are not many insights concerning the works she has been engaged with.

She Is The Grandchild Of Lola Flores

Alba Flores fit in normally in the job of Nairobi and numerous different jobs she has had on TV and the huge screens. Her extraordinary presentation is the result of difficult work and likely acquired qualities from incredible craftsmen in her family. Her Stardom follows way back to her granddad, the Catalan performer Antonio Gonzalez, who is viewed as the dad of Catalan Rumba. Her grandma was likewise the amazing Spanish entertainer Lola Flores otherwise called The Pharaoh, who turns out to be one of the best Spanish craftsmen ever with her sculpture situated at the Jerez De La Frontera Railway Station. Her aunties Lolita and Rosario, are likewise prestigious Spanish vocalists.

She Was Not In The Original Cast List Of Money Heist
Alex Pina, the maker of Money Heist, had worked with Alba Flores in her past TV show Vis A Vis prior to making La Casa De Papel. Cash Heist (La Casa) was simply intended to have one principle female star, Tokyo, played by Ursula Corbero and when Pina saw that the show required another female star. He then, at that point, moved toward Flores to take up the job of Nairobi, which he continued to make for her particularly. It is difficult to envision Money Heist without Nairobi in light of the fact that Flores’ exhibition was exceptional. Her demise may likewise have something to do with the finish of the content Pina made for her.

Is it true that she is Gay?

In Money Heist, Nairobi and Helsinki have a specific exceptional manly relationship that a few fans even viewed as heartfelt. In any case, Helsinki being gay implied that Nairobi needed to remain single compelled to quietly appreciate Helsinki. The show, nonetheless, presented Nairobi as straight, having had a child previously and in any event, mentioning El Professor to give his sperms to her despite the fact that “the regular way,” before her miserable death. All things considered, Alba Flores stayed quiet with regards to her sexuality, and it isn’t evident whether she is gay or straight. She has not uttered a word about her affection life, despite the fact that she was connected with the Spanish vocalist Ondina Maldonado a few years back, which proposes she might be gay.

Her Worst Money Heist Scene

At the point when gotten some information about their most obviously awful scene, most stars referenced the episode in the third season when they were all adrift, and the teacher said they were in worldwide waters since they were all nauseous and burned by the sun, yet they needed to remain in the weighty outfits. When gotten some information about the hardest scene she needed to shoot in Money Heist, Alba Flores said it was the whole fourth season.

The activity on the subsequent heist, which included denying the Bank of Spain, was serious, and she needed to put loads of feeling than in the initial three seasons. She was likewise expected to deal with more enthusiastic association with Helsinki while staying away from death the initial time, then, at that point, passing on in a moment extreme scene when Gandia shoots Nairobi. The withering scene was most likely the hardest one since she said she took it hard.

Cash Heist Is Not Her First Crime Drama

Most devotees of Money Heist wonder where Alba Flores was prior to becoming Nairobi, yet Vis A Vis (Locked Up) fans are intimately acquainted with Alba’s presentation. Her Performance in Vis A Vis, which circulated on Antena 3 from 2015 preceding Fox got it as Locked Up in 2018, made Alba Flores the entertainer to beat. She really won two honors for her exhibition on the jail show, which is one more than whatever she has won from Money Heist.

She played Saray, an individual from the infamous jail pack that figured out how to escape from jail and needed to carry on with a day to day existence on the run. Secured wasn’t generally so exceptional as Money Heist, however Alba’s exhibition on the two has been great. Cash Heist really shoots on similar place where the first episodes of Vis A Vis were shot.

She Was Sad About The Death Of Nairobi

Nairobi’s requests at prisoners, combined with a tad of humor and authority was invaluable in the initial four periods of Money Heist. Alba Flores was vigorously put resources into her personality as Nairobi, very much like the fans, and trusted that her personality would live until the finish of the show. She was stunned when she learned with regards to Nairobi’s demise.

She said that she didn’t be aware of her personality’s passing until it occurred on set, and it was dismal for her. She had developed to adore Nairobi so much, despite the fact that she felt that Nairobi would be more grounded and likely more chosen. It isn’t evident whether she will return in flashbacks like Berlin, despite the fact that fans couldn’t want anything more than to find in the approaching periods of the show.

She Is A Feminist and Vegan

Alba Flores is as solid a warrior, all things considered, as her personality Nairobi in Money Heist. She is a vigorous vegetarian that drives for creatures to be left over the plate, which is a major differentiation from Nairobi, who doesn’t appear to definitely disapprove of eating creature items. Her activism likewise stretches out to other social shameful acts encompassing ladies’ freedoms and sexuality. She is a noisy protector of ladies in human expressions industry as she pushes for fair treatment and pay. She said the fair treatment of ladies in film is very much past due. She, notwithstanding, said that La Casa De Papel is certifiably not a women’s activist series.

Other Big Screen Roles

Alba Flores’ future in Money Heist is presently being referred to since there is no confirmation that she was required the shooting of season five. Cash Heist is the show that has procured her worldwide acknowledgment, and she is certainly going to land more noteworthy jobs. Before Money Heist and Vis A Vis, Alba Flores wasn’t renowned internationally, in spite of the fact that she was notable in Spain after her past execution in The Time In Between. She was additionally acclaimed for her presentation in the job of Carmen in the 2015 Spanish film The Memory of Water.


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