buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with JazzCash.? Here are some trusted platforms to buy from!


buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with JazzCash.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 by an anonymous group (or a single individual) by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It took until 2017 to see digital currency democratize. Since then, the enthusiasm of the general public has grown stronger every year.

In our country, more than 2 million people have already invested in Bitcoin. If 78% of the people know crypto-currencies, 14% want to invest in them in the years to come. Are you part of it but you don’t know how to simply buy it?

To help you get started, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to buy Bitcoin. We are going to review several well-known and reputable players in the ecosystem. It’s best to focus on long-standing platforms that have proven their resilience over time – and that are regulated.

Once we have explained how to buy Bitcoin, we will also come back to the risk (inherent in Bitcoin and those related to CFD trading), the tax declaration of the capital gain and many other parameters to take into account. While it is already at an all-time high today, financiers anticipate a bright future for Bitcoin. Some even claim it could reach $ 1 million. But beware of volatility: the recent drop in May and June 2021 is proof that you need to invest moderately.

1) eToro 

eToro is a regulated trading platform in Europe that has been in existence since 2007. If it was created even before Bitcoin, it is because it has long favored other asset classes: stocks, commodities, and forex. For the past few years, this has been one of the big benchmarks for Bitcoin trading. Once registration is complete, you will be able to invest in over twenty different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. With over 20 million users, eToro is one of the largest players in the market. We appreciate its simplicity and its service. To help newbies get started, there is a useful social networking system.

2) ZenGo 

If you want to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily from your mobile, Zeno is the solution to go. The free mobile app (on iOS and Android) lets you create an account in 19 seconds. You will need to secure the account by making a “mask” (scan) of your face with the facial recognition technology of your device. This is the first thing to do before you even buy any to ensure your funds are 100% safe. From the app, you can then buy and sell all of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Everything is done intuitively, the app allows you to follow the price of electronic currencies and view the evolution of your balance.

3) buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with JazzCash.

If you live in Pakistan, you can buy Bitcoin in Pakistan with JazzCash. Previously known as Mobicash, JazzCash is a mobile payment platform in Pakistan. With this platform, you can buy Bitcoins safely and easily in Pakistan. Founded 9 years ago, now Mobicash is still a trusted payment and purchase platform. 

4) Revolut 

Revolut is a very successful English neobank. It allows access to a current account and a payment card at no cost. In addition to this service, it has diversified its range with investment products. From its mobile application, you can buy stocks, commodities or even crypto-currencies. It allows its clients to gain exposure to cryptocurrency volatility from within its app. That said, you won’t own your cryptocurrencies: they will have to stay in the app, and you won’t be able to transfer them to your friends on Revolut either.

At the start of 2021, the US bank JP Morgan gave advice to its clients: invest 1% of their funds in Bitcoin. This is one way to avoid risking too much capital while still having some exposure to cryptocurrencies. With the currency price rising, this percentage may represent a larger percentage in the overall portfolio. Should we focus on Bitcoin? Should we choose other cryptocurrencies that have even more potential? If you are just starting out and have decided to buy Bitcoin a short time ago, it is best to focus on the most important cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ether are the two most popular. They are also less volatile than others (although they are very volatile compared to more traditional financial assets).


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