Bob Haircut Styles to Try This Year for Your Thick Hair


The only thing you need to embrace one of these chic and sophisticated bob haircut looks is confidence and courage. Bob haircuts can significantly change your thick hair, which is why it is important to try one, especially if you have been looking for a suitable haircut for your thick hair in vain. Thick hair, when styled well, is beautiful to look at.

The hair appears uniquely fuller and healthy. In addition, being so voluminous and with a lot of body, thick hair will appear great on a bob. That is why we collected these beautiful bob haircuts for ladies with thick hair. Whether you have been wearing a bob or this is the first time you want to give it a shot, you will surely find a bob haircut ideal for you here.

Bob Haircut Styles to Try This Year for Your Thick Hair

1. Brunette Bob

If you are a fashionista, it is without a doubt, you have seen or heard about choppy brunette bobs. If you have heard about it but need to learn how to style it, don’t worry, we will show you. The brunette bob is perfectly chopped at its ends. You don’t need to use heating tools since the choppy layers take care of that.

Brunette bob haircut

2. Choppy Graduated Bob

The critical feature of this bob is the blonde strikes and cute layers. When you look at it, you may think the hair is cut in one length, but if you look at it closely, you will see some kind of “slope” that is not too pronounced. It does not look like an A-line bob; however, the light difference gives it cute asymmetry, which is useful if you want a messy or choppy updo.

3. Brown A-Line Bob and Blonde Highlights

Sometimes deciding whether to go for natural brown or blonde hair may be challenging. However, by including blonde highlights in your A-line bob, there is no doubt you got a stylish bob haircut. It allows you to rock both worlds of brown and blonde in the most fantastic way.

4. Wavy Lob with Extended Layers

Take your wavy bob haircut a notch higher by including violet color, one of the trendiest haircuts. However, this haircut is not for the faint-hearted. You need some courage to rock this bold hue. If you dare to try it, it will be one daring decision you might make concerning hairstyling. It is a decision you will be proud of. Violet is not only a loyal shade but eye-appealing.

Wavy bob hairstyle

5. Gorgeous Lob and Platinum Highlights

This is an ideal bob haircut for ladies with thick hair. If you plan to rock it, remember to select a stunning color to set the style on the track. Undoubtedly, platinum is a fantastic shade everyone likes. We really can’t have enough of this charming style.

6. A-Line Bob for Thick Hair

The striking element of this hairstyle is the side-swept bangs that make this A-line bob haircut stand out. Side-swept bangs are best compliments for an A-line bob. The platinum, subtle brown, and dull brown perfectly complement each other most amazingly.

7. Deep Red Angle Bob Cut

Without a doubt, this bob haircut is beautiful. The extended layers added to thick hair enhance fullness and movement. However, do not be judgemental and underestimate the impact that adding red color on this style can have. This red is one of the hottest reds you might have come across, and adding it to your bob hairstyle is a great way to give your cut a unique flair.

8. Ombre Bob

Have you ever thought about rocking an ombre hairstyle? Hopefully, this haircut will give you a vivid impression of the ombre and motivate you to try it. Ombre is undoubtedly one of women’s most famous and preferred hair colors. If you want to go only partially ombre, you can consider a mixture of different hues that match the ombre.


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