Best Suggestions For Anniversary Gifts by Year


Believe it or not, but there is an age-old practice of giving specific anniversary gifts to your love based on the number of years that you can successfully complete together. Well, the basic idea behind this tradition is that with each anniversary that passes, you strengthen your relationship and though these anniversary gifts may start out simple, the significance increases as your time with each other does. However, as time has evolved, so have these anniversary gifts and there to match the modern way of living. According to the modern age, every anniversary is associated with a material gift or type, different gemstones, and colors that relate to the anniversary year’s overall theme. Together these components offer a lot of anniversary gift ideas. Let’s find the breakdown based on these four competencies for different year anniversaries. 


1st Year Anniversary Gifts: 


Traditional Gifts: Paper

Paper is considered to be the fitting gift for your first year anniversary because just as your new relationship, this is fragile, however, if you take care of it properly, it will surely last for a lifetime. 


Modern Gifts: Clocks

A clock represents the passing of time which is also very precious and the change and challenges that come with it. 


Color: Gold or Yellow


Gemstone: Gold

Not typically a gemstone and gold is a  special metal and lets the couples ease into a luxurious gift-giving. A simple gold piece of jewelry like cufflinks for 1st anniversary gift for husband online and a necklace for her. 


10th Anniversary Gifts:


Traditional Gift: Aluminum or Tin

Just as aluminum and tin don’t rust, their preservation is a symbol of how successful marriage requires flexibility and therefore your 10th anniversary is a symbol of how your relationship did not wear down with time. 


Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

A marriage is a beautiful and shiny piece for you and your partner, just like a piece of diamond jewelry. 


Color: Silver or Blue


Gemstone: Diamond

Since the 10th anniversary is a major milestone, a  diamond is a fitting and appropriate gift for both the partners. 


20th Year Anniversary Gifts


Traditional Gift: China

China represents the delicate and fragile nature of being in love and therefore, it requires a lot of attention and needs to be looked after and handled carefully, to ensure that it does not break just like a marriage. 


Modern Gift: Platinum

Well, since it has been 20 years since your marriage, it is sure that you can stick it out through thick and thin, just like platinum and hence the logic behind the modern gift idea. 


Color:  Emerald Green


Gemstone: Emerald

Emerald is considered to be the sacred gift of goddess Venus who is known to preserve love, and  may she preserve 20 more years of your beautiful relationship is the reason this is the gemstone for your  20th anniversary gifts. 


30th Year Anniversary Gifts


Traditional Gift: Pearl

Pearls are found deep down in the ocean and they represent the hidden beauty of a long lasting union with maturity, just as your 30 precious years of togetherness. 


Modern Gift: Diamond

Diamonds are known for their endurance, beauty, and strength and hence appropriately reflect the nature of a 30-year marriage. 


Color: Green


Gemstone: Pearl

Pearls are timeless and nothing can best define the beauty of your long relationship better than these shining gemstones. 


40th Year Anniversary Gifts


Traditional and Modern Gift: Ruby

Rubies are thought to possess a flame that never burns out, mostly like your love and commitment for one another therefore, these are one of the best gifts for your 40th anniversary. 


Color: Red


Gemstone: Ruby

Nothing can honor this memorable occasion more than a ruby and therefore this is the best fit for your anniversary. 


50th Year Anniversary Gifts


Traditional and Modern Gift: Gold

Gold is desirable, classic and luxe and therefore it can aptly represent a milestone like this. Reflecting the prosperity, wisdom, and strength of your relationship, gold is the perfect gift to symbolize your long-standing union. 

Color: Gold

Gemstone: Gold

Gold is also strong and beautiful just like your relationship and hence the perfect gift for your 50th anniversary. 

We hope that you liked these anniversary gift ideas for the love of your life. 


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