Best Phone Cases For The New Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23

A new leak verifies the Samsung Galaxy S23 after the company’s initial renders were made public. The idea of an island where the cameras are positioned would be abandoned with the arrival of the following high-end, who would have a very visible shift in the number. Both the On Leaks stories and the pictures Ice Universe posted to make this clear.

The well-known leaker published two photos of Samsung Galaxy S23 cases that depict how the cameras will be set up. To unify the design, the mobile is committed to directly integrating the sensors into the body. The cover also verifies the Galaxy S22’s characteristic curved edges and other features.

Rumors suggest that Samsung won’t be making any appalling alterations to the Galaxy S23. The smartphone will have a 6.1-inch screen and draw design cues from its forerunner. The South Koreans’ last-ditch effort to replace the Exynos would be an integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. One of the Galaxy S22’s most cited shortcomings is also anticipated to be fixed with a longer battery life.

A feature of the Galaxy A14 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be shared

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, the most potent model in the new series, would come with top-notch specifications and a top-notch camera, according to a water leak. The Galaxy S23 Ultra keeps the three-lens design that projects slightly from the edge, just like its younger sibling. The rest of the body has a beautiful finish and an egg for the S-Pen, staying true to what the maker has trained us to expect.

Another smartphone that will soon be unveiled will resemble the Galaxy S23 in terms of style. On Leaks published several renderings of the Galaxy A14, which, like its older brethren, features three integrated lenses in the back but is reduced in size and protrusion. Although this setup is not brand-new—the Galaxy A13 already has it—it appears that Samsung will further converge its product lines.

For now, there are no details about the specifications of the latter. Rumors mention a 6.8-inch Infinity-U display, a side-mounted fingerprint reader, a USB-C port, and an almost flat design.

A leak of the Samsung Galaxy S23 cover might indicate that the camera bump has changed.

A fresh leak of purported Samsung Galaxy S23 cases could indicate that the device’s camera bump has been modified—or, more precisely, that it has been removed.

An earlier leak claimed that Samsung might skip the camera bump this year and instead have individual lenses protrude from the back of the phone. The rest of the phone isn’t expected to differ significantly from the Galaxy S22 model from the previous year, but the design is fresh.

Shades of Samsung Galaxy s23

The first is a shade of purple, while the second is what could be called lime green. Both require some getting used to, but they both attest to the new cameras: the case has three distinct holes, one for each lens of the camera.

Admittedly, this change isn’t huge, but it’s still notable because it removes the usual big camera plateau we’re all familiar with. However, it is unlikely to affect the overall quality of the images the cameras take. It just means that each camera lens is its own thing and not part of a bigger hump that case manufacturers have to deal with.

As for the veracity of these leaks, they appear to be legit based on a couple of factors. First of all, Ice Universe has a strong track record in this regard. Second, the cases shared here resemble the official Samsung cases sold for the outgoing Galaxy S22.

In any case, we will know for sure at the beginning of 2023, when Samsung presents its new line.


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