Best Law Schools in the USA


Hello, an ambitious student, you have decided to study law, aren’t you? You are, otherwise, you wouldn’t find this post.
Okay, let’s finish with jokes from Captain Obvious because we are dealing with a serious matter. A lawyer is an essential and severe profession. Getting a degree might be difficult, at least because every state can have different laws schools. Of course, you know this fact. Likewise, you know that you need a Bachelor’s degree to be accepted to a law school.
But do you know where you can get the best education at a law school in the USA? Do you know which one suits you well regarding tuition fees, location, or campus, if you do not have where to live?
If yes, we wish you good luck with admission to the chosen law school. If not, let us, together with essaypro, present you a list of the best law schools in the USA.

Yale University
Yale University has two programs with the same tuition fee and one-year course duration. One program is designed for getting a Master’s Degree and teaching law to students. The second one accepts students with non-lawyer degrees for obtaining basic law knowledge. Additionally, the second program is likely to teach you of legal subtleties related to your profession. If you decide to pursue the first program, you will focus on such disciplines as Criminal Law, Public Law, and Civil & Private Law. The second program has Legal Studies instead of Criminal Law.

Be aware that Yale University has limited places for students and specific requirements regarding admission (e.g., accepting people who are focusing on teaching and scholarship). Thus, be sure laws schools to check anything before sending application letters.

University of Chicago
Contrary to Yale University, the University of Chicago has one program with cheaper tuition fees (you will save around 16 000 EUR). The program is one, but the degrees you can obtain are two, with Master of Laws being the most popular among students. But do not neglect the second one, Master of Comparative Law. Especially because this degree will be given if a student who chose Master of Laws does not meet the requirements.
The tuition fee includes living expenses and health insurance. The program presupposes financial aid, albeit it can be limited. Besides, we think that the following fact may be interesting for you: the University of Chicago considers all applied students eligible for a merit scholarship. Though, they also consider submitted materials and, if need be, may ask for additional information.
Harvard University
Harvard University can please you with the Juris Doctor degree program (three-years duration), Graduate program (one-year term), and a few special programs for students who want to combine their studies. Harvard University welcomes all students regardless of their migration status. Just be sure to check all the requirements and rules.
They consider each application separately and carefully to reveal the potential for success. It is not only law knowledge but also personal qualities that will contribute to academic success and student culture. Harvard University does not care about gender, ethnicity, social background, and different minorities when it comes to application. In the first place, they consider personality and abilities.
Harvard University is a very prestigious place to study. Many famous people (for example, Barack Obama) completed their studies at Harvard Law School. No less prestigious is Harvard International Law Journal, the first issue of which appeared in 1959. And you can become one of the editors of this journal if you decide to apply to this school.
Columbia University
Columbia University can offer you four different programs. The first one is Global Business Law, a one-year duration with International Business among disciplines. Choosing this program,laws schools you will acquire an undeniable advantage alongside the knowledge base. The next program worthy of your attention is Human Right, with an opportunity to study both inside and outside your classroom. Don’t forget about the U.S. bachelor’s degree or equivalent if you are an international student. Human Right program is well-designed for people who want to enhance such fields as public health or fundraising. The third program, Human Rights Studies, focuses on theory and practice in cooperation with other departments (e.g., Anthropology and Sociology). The fourth program is Law, LL.M., and it offers students choosing a lot of options within its scope: you can enhance your knowledge on a particular field, start working on a law journal or help with research.
Stanford University
Stanford University offers a three-year joint program, under which you may obtain a J.D. degree with an M.A. degree. Here, you will learn how schools are functioning and master policies to tackle social problems.
The application is very selective, and they openly state that they accept only 9% of all applicants. But it should not discourage you from trying. For sure, they will consider you carefully without fail.
Once you are accepted to Stanford University, you will receive unlimited support from your mentors. Besides, you will have a chance to apply for financial aid, need-based aid, and public service laws schools (if you decide to pursue public service careers).
Want to know more about best law schools in the USA? Visit EssayPro to request more details about the chosen one. Good luck!


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