Best Holiday Dropshipping Product Ideas for 2021


Learn About The Greatest Dropshipping Items For The Holidays This Year!

Ho-Ho-Holidays! The most desired and anticipated season is coming soon! Christmas is a beautiful holiday associated with the magic moments, Christmas tree, coziness, ornaments, and of course, heart-warming presents under the tree. It is the perfect time for family dinners, events, parties, and gifts. That’s why people spend a fortune before Christmas. Besides, due to the coronavirus, a big part of the holiday spendings will be online since fewer physical stores are available. So it is not a secret that Christmas is the perfect time to start the dropshipping business!

In this article, we are going to share complete Christmas dropshipping ideas to sell products in your dropshipping store. We also have some tricks and tips for you to maximize your profits during the Christmas season. 

Ideas for Christmas Dropshipping

Dropshipping products can be made specifically for Christmas (for instance, Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings, etc.). But they can also be general products, which usually spike in sales before the holiday. That is mainly because people buy them as Christmas gifts.

We have composed a list of 6 handpicked Christmas product ideas to help you make winter holidays successful for your dropshipping shop this year. Here you will find items that have proven themselves year after year and new trends for dropshipping in 2021. As easy as playing free spins – you will achieve success in no time and without much effort.  Follow this list to make the most out of the Christmas holiday.

  • Christmas home decorations and ornaments

Home decorations and ornaments are definitely the must-have items for Christmas. The popularity of such products is not surprising. People spend most of their time at home due to the pandemic, so the demand for household items is huge nowadays. And as the pandemic in 2021 is not completely over – the demand is increasing.

The LED lights are surely the most popular decoration. They are bright and shiny and help to bring some coziness and highlight the Christmas atmosphere. Lights can vary in colors and forms, so you would better check all dropshipping suppliers and choose the best variant for selling.

The Christmas stocking is a sock-shaped bag that is definitely one of the main Christmas symbols. It is made specially for little presents from Santa Claus, such as small toys, candies, and other little gifts. This item is always in demand.

Wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree are an undoubted trend of 2021 due to their minimalistic design and environmental friendliness. You can check different dropshipping platforms and find a great variety of options to choose from.

  • Clothes & аccessories 

Wearing ugly sweaters is a party trend for Christmas celebrations. So, clothing is a perfect niche to increase your sales during the holidays. The reasons to add clothing to your store are high-profit margin, great variety of clothing categories for choice, and of course, a broad target audience (women, men, kids, couples, family, etc.).                                                                                                                                     Christmas-themed sweaters, costumes, leggings, and socks – there is a great variety of items to choose from. 

Pay special attention to the pajamas, as it is the most hot-selling product, especially now, when the coronavirus restricts people from going out. Hence, if you are selling clothes in your dropshipping shop, you can add some Christmas-themed PJs according to your target audience. Home pajamas will be the choice of most people.

Touchscreen gloves are another good product idea for dropshipping, as your customers will definitely love them. Soft and cozy gloves will keep the hands of your clients warm and will not interfere with their need to use a smartphone to take some beautiful pics outside. Click here for more

  • Toys

Another winning group of products for dropshipping business is toys. The toys’ industry involves broad age groups, has a stable demand, and besides has low shipping costs. Toys are never a wrong choice as the market is always changing, and loving parents are constantly looking for something new to entertain their kids. Toys shouldn’t be Christmas-themed necessarily, as kids like different toys, and all kinds of these products show great sales every year. Add toys to your store, and you will definitely achieve good sales this year. Keep track of new trends, and you will succeed without effort.

  • Jewelry 

Don’t forget to add some jewelry to your store, and you’ll quickly see how they transform into your bestselling products. According to Fortunly, 47.4% of women wish to get jewelry as a Christmas present. Beautiful Christmas-themed rings, chokers, bracelets, hair bands, and earrings are really good for sales. Pay special attention to handmade jewelry as it is a timeless trend. Such products are more unique and special, and hence, they are more preferable compared to mass-market. 

  • Wellness and fitness products

Products for beauty and wellness are quite popular, and not only among women. Skin and body care is a part of our routine life, so beauty gadgets are undoubtedly a good present. Check face rollers, massage gums, and trimmers. Surely, such products will bring a good profit to your business.

Home fitness products are showing record sales this year, as well, and it’s not surprising, as such items are a must-have for every home gym. Yoga mats are surely one of the best products for selling because they are always in demand since they need to be replaced frequently. Besides, they are lightweight and come in many colors.                                                                                                                          

  • Cooking items

Christmas is a great time for family dinners, and of course, kitchen products are always in demand. They are also a good idea for Christmas presents for moms. Pay attention to the tableware holder bags, baking anti-hot gloves, cookie cutters, and printed kitchen aprons. These are all popular cooking products for holiday dropshipping.


The Christmas holiday is a great opportunity to grow your dropshipping business and boost your sales! It’s essential to choose the best suppliers in order to ship all items right in time and provide awesome customer service. We hope that the suggested dropshipping Christmas product ideas will help you to decide what to sell on Christmas. Use all available dropshipping tools to become a successful dropshipping seller. Don’t forget to keep track and add more items to the categories that are popular and selling fast. As a result, adding similar items to those selling well has a high chance of multiplying your success. Please, visit the comment section and share your opinion with us, what items would you like to add there?


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