The year 2020 started as the very most challenging year of our life; the pandemic has badly affected every person, and the long time LOCKDOWN; instead, he is an entrepreneur or doing a job. Many people lost their jobs, or they had to shut down their on-going business ideas. Still, currently, the situation is going better day by day, and now the brilliant opportunities are available in the broader range. 

If you are in UAE, either you are a permanent residence, or on a work visa, everybody got a fair chance to grow their business excellently. Dubai is a business hub, and Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Ras-al-Khaima are also connected. Here we will discuss some of the best ideas to start the business with a minimum chance of getting a permit or trade license.

Catering / Restaurant and Cafe: 

Dubai is a place where the residents are from different cultures worldwide, so it would be best to start a business of catering or open a small cafe for coffee and cake, or start your restaurant of different cuisine. Nowadays, the most attractive argument is commonly used: a “mobile food truck” or “Mobile restaurant.” It must be a very profitable business for investing your money and time.

Homemade Food Delivery Service:

Some so many residents are there currently living without their family; they are on a 9-5 job. So if you start a homemade delivery service, it would be turn out the most comfortable and profitable business because most of them don’t have enough amount and will to have their food from the restaurant daily. People want to eat clean and home-based cooked food.                                                                                                          


Dubai is a place which is called a “Tourist Hub.” They are getting so much business by tourism. So you can start a business of travel and tourism agency, assist them for visa and other hospitality, and book deals on cruise, boats, attractive places, beaches, etc. 

Property Dealing and Management: 

UAE is no doubt the wealthiest part of the world. Their cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai are counted in very well-off towns as most of their citizens have bought too many properties, which they can’t handle by themselves even if you are as smart. It would be one of the best business for you to manage their properties, address legal issues, give it on rent, and deal with selling and buying.

Daycare Centers:

There are about 70% of couples in the emirates who are working. The nature of their job is doctor, teacher, engineer, entrepreneur, etc. or anything else they can’t bring their kids with them to their workplace. So daycare centers would be the great blessing and the essential choice for those couples. This kind of center takes care of their little kids and provides so many opportunities for their learning.

Business and Insurance Broker:

As there are so many running businesses; therefore, most of the time, people want to sell out their business and start another. If you become an intermediate person in buying and selling this business, it would be a great chance to profit from both parties. Like insurance, as everything in UAE already has insurance such as cars, etc., if you deal between insurance companies and the client, you will profit from both sides.


Now you have multiple low-cost business ideas that can work great in the United Arab Emirates but keep it in mind that the success and the profitability depend on how well you do work. If you do not give a required input, time, or effort, you may end up losing it!

There is a wise saying that hard work with smart choices is the recipe for success, not just in the UAE, but anywhere in the world.


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