Best Apps for Digital Marketing


Today, Digital marketers have got a massive task assigned to them as they lead the charge in a continually changing field. The game rules have always been shifting constantly, and practices that were once guaranteed to produce successful consequences will now fail to attract any attention for your Business. It is crucial to stay on top ranking of all of the changes in this field as if you do not keep on top of the developing area, and you could find yourself left behind others in the market. As a matter of fortune, all of the tools and apps listed below are designed to significantly help you stay at the top with current trends, as well as stay one step ahead of future developments.

Buffer is known to be one of the most well known social scheduling apps. The primary function of this application is to schedule the updates to multiple accounts on TwitterLinkedInFacebookInstagram, as well as Pinterest. The application also enables follow-up with statistics on how to perform each post. The most recent iOS app version even allows for sharing and scheduling from inside other popular apps like SafariBuffer currently is offering a free subscription and four competitively priced plans, which are as follows 

  • Pro for $15/month.
  • Small Business for $99/month 
  • Medium Business for almost $199/month
  • Large Business for $399/month.

SEO Site Check-Up

SEO is considered one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing, as, without it, your online presence will not find your audience at all and stay unrecognized. It assists in monitoring your SEO and your competitors’ SEO so you can make sure you are leading your industry in the best way.

Hoot suite

Hoot suite is another social media management tool that enables you to schedule your posts properly to TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram, and YouTube. While more costly Digital marketers than Buffer, it gives you more ability to plan at every plan level. Right now, Hoot suite’s free plan enables its users to manage up to three social accounts and schedule up to 30 posts at the same time. Payment plan ranges start at $25 per month and enable you to schedule more posts, add team members, and manage additional accounts as well.

Facebook Ads Manager

If you want to run ads for Facebook or Instagram, this particular marketing app helps you run Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns from your phone. You can now manage to be on the top of your campaigns, edit your schedules and budgets, easily create and tracks Facebook ads, and receive your notifications all in your hand. No matter wherever you are, this app will help you stay on top of your ad spends, and your campaign gets successful. Just like the pages app, the Facebook Ads Manager App is free of any cost.

Facebook Pages ManagerToday Facebook is a massive platform of different kinds of content. However, with other Facebook Groups, Facebook Watch, Facebook Marketplace, and the regular news feed all taking up space, it becomes almost impossible to figure out how to keep on top of your Facebook business page Digital marketers. The Facebook Pages Manager app enables you to streamline most activities of managing a Facebook page. These activities can include posting content, commenting and liking, and also replying to the private messages. It is easy for you to handle page management controls through this Facebook app, change images and details, and even track statistics. Best of all, the app and it is free to use. You can get various kinds of benefits by using it. So, it is easy to use and helpful for you according to your requirements.


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