Best 5 Reasons To Buy A Custom Keyboard

A finger press a button with text Customize on a keyboard.


For many people, the keyboard that came with their computer or that they picked up for $20 at the store is good enough. However, there are some compelling reasons to invest in a custom, mechanical keyboard. Custom keyboards allow you to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your typing experience. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a custom keyboard.

Reason 1: Superior Typing Experience

The biggest benefit of a custom mechanical keyboard is an unparalleled typing experience. Mechanical keyboards have physical, movable keys with mechanical switches under each key. This allows for tactile and audible feedback with each keypress. The keys have a defined actuation point and pressure required to activate them. This allows for faster, more accurate typing once you get used to the feel of the keyboard.

You can choose between different types of mechanical switches to find the ones that match your preferences. Common options include Cherry MX switches that are available in options like linear, tactile, and clicky. The keys on a quality mechanical keyboard will also last through millions of keystrokes, much longer than membrane keyboards.

Reason 2: Customizable and Reprogrammable Keys

Custom mechanical keyboards allow you to customize the layout and function of the keys. For example, you can choose between common layouts like ANSI, ISO, or compact arrangements. You can also customize the actual keys by choosing the type, color, profile, and material.

Many custom keyboards are also reprogrammable, meaning you can assign macros, shortcuts, or other functions to specific keys. This allows you to optimize your keyboard to suit your workflow. Whether you want one-touch access to programs and files or shortcuts for gaming, a custom board makes it possible.

Reason 3: Aesthetic Options

In addition to feel and function, a major appeal of custom keyboards is their appearance. You can choose between dozens of keycap colors, materials, and styles to create a look you love. The keyboard frame and base also come in various colors and designs from minimalist to flashy RGB lighting.

Matching keycap sets and artisan keycaps can help you achieve a cohesive aesthetic. There are lots of themes to explore like retro, sci-fi, anime, cyberpunk, nature, and more. The ability to customize the look and design makes typing on your keyboard a more fun and personal experience.

Reason 4: Ergonomic Options

You can also choose a custom keyboard layout for improved ergonomics. This includes options like split/tilted keyboards and ortholinear keyboards with vertically aligned keys. These layouts allow your wrists and fingers to rest in a more natural position that places less strain on the body.

You can also choose between low-profile switches and wrist rests to enhance comfort. In some cases, custom keyboards allow you to tent the board at an angle or adjust the height. An ergonomic keyboard can reduce fatigue and potentially prevent long-term injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Reason 5: Portability

Finally, custom mechanical keyboards come in compact, portable options without reducing functionality. Many tenkeyless and 60% boards retain the full set of switches and inputs but eliminate the number pad and navigation/editing clusters.

These portable keyboards take up less space on your desk and can easily fit into a bag. With custom keyboards, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability. You can enjoy a mechanical typing experience anywhere whether working remotely or gaming on the go.


Custom mechanical keyboards empower you to optimize your typing experience from both ergonomic and aesthetic standpoints. They offer superior typing feel, extensive customizability, ergonomic benefits, and portable options. While they require an investment upfront, a custom keyboard can significantly improve your productivity and comfort when working or gaming. The ability to customize both form and function makes your keyboard a reflection of your personal style and preferences.


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