Beneficial Features of Custom Burger Boxes Wholesale

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Burger boxes are strong in built-quality and flexible to give them any shape or style. Material with such qualities includes cardboard and Kraft is perfect to combine different qualities of packaging. These features make boxes of burgers sturdy and resistible from factors like temperature and moisture.

Placing an order with iCustomboxes can be beneficial for you with vast industry experience and experts from the industry. Call now to book a discussion session with our team of experts.

Features of burger boxes packaging that can entice anyone to order:

• Robust or flexible material as per your desire to obtain from your burger boxes:

Why you are choosing the specific material for your Custom Burger Boxes may have many options and reasons.

o Material for Stability? – Choose Cardboard:

With recent advancements in food items delivery availability, many food chains including burger carts desire strong boxes. cardboard is one material that can effectively solve this need.

o Material for Style and design? – Choose Kraft:

Presenting your brand with a unique and distinct look is another reason and function people choose burger packaging material. Kraft paper is suitable for situations like these and allows you to create your burger boxes with any design or style.

• CMYK or PMS Color Prints with inspiring designs? The choice is yours:

You can choose various printing options including CMYK or PMS to give a more esthetic look to your packaging. In addition to that, you can print brand-related content that can inspire and influence your target audience to buy from your brand.

Displaying artwork and illustrations with a brand-related message has more influence and impression as compared to blank burger boxes.

• Giant Brand Logo with matching printing styles:

Caring about your brand logo is the single most important activity that can gain a huge fortune for your brand. Stunning text printing effects like embossing, debossing, or engraving can increase the value of your brand logo.

If you are keeping your burger boxes simple without any printing even then, a giant brand logo with a matching printing style is enough. Packaging suppliers experiments with different printing techniques to create different effects.

What is your exact need or situation and how much quantity you are considering can change the printing options. Apart from what you want to do and what you are planning, you will always find the following printing techniques;

 Lithographic Printing

 Digital Printing

• Innovate your unique style with die-cut burger boxes or with custom inserts:

Burger boxes with die-cut window is a good way to entice your consumers with product packed inside. You can experiment with this idea by making your burger packaging different from your competitors.

Variation in size or style of die-cut windows is your choice that can transform your boxes in a way you like more. Your consumer, along with the industry standard, can guide you in choosing the ultimate option.

Burger chains are offering a variety of auxiliary items besides main burger items that need extra inserts to keep items apart.

Beneficial features of Custom burger boxes wholesale

What else seems appropriate and positive, if you offer to get all your desired packaging features in one single order with your desired quantity?

At icustomboxes, now you have that kind of liberty and freedom to pick and choose all features including material, add-ons, or laminations. In addition to that, you can order them with bulk quantity offers to produce as per your requirement.

Burger boxes wholesale is ideal for all customers from the small need to large. Whether you are starting your new burger brand or forecasting your annual sales, you can consult and order accordingly. Considering the rising cost of products and shrinking margins, you can enjoy low-cost burger wrappers with free shipping.

iCustomboxes with the following services:

We offer services that you can find from any other packaging supplier but we provide them in a unique way and style. Our clients like us for this reason and want to work with us on their recurring orders.

What major services in which manner were offered as follows;

• Guidance for designs

Custom Food Packaging with prototyping and design support well before the finalizing decision is the ideal scenario for many of our customers. We provide mock-up 3D models and 2D designs and further modify them according to the customer’s request.

• Free-Transportation

Offering free shipping can save you a lot when you consider the low-profit margins as an industry standard. By offering bulk quantities and ordering a certain quantity, we offer free shipping to your doorsteps.

• Low Prices

Prices offered for burger box packaging are ideal for any quantity and situation whether you are starting a new brand or ordering from an old food chain. Prices may be further reduced when you choose the burger boxes wholesale option.

Our bulk-quantity discounts are another feature that can reduce your packaging cost further. Call now and consult with our customer care staff as per your specific demand.


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