Bald Head as a choice of living


A bald head is generally perceived by people as a befallen tragedy that left behind a bare head without any hair. However, all these perceptions are nothing but societal taboos which are regularly shattered by people who have shown the courage to shed those manes with or without any hair issues. There are also instances where people have picked up a head shaver to support various causes, as in thousands of men and women come together on St.Baldrick’s Day to shave their heads to stand in solidarity with the young cancer patients who lose their hair during the cancer treatment. With time, going bald to hide hair loss, as a hobby, or fancy has been trending and people are embracing it with pride. Moreover, with the availability of bald head shaver, the shaving game is becoming easier and more effective.

Apart from being a safe route to cover potential baldness, it is quite astonishing to know that a bald head comes with many advantages that can lure anyone to go bald.

  • Lower risk of cancer: Although the studies are still being conducted and there is still time to come to a conclusion, there are some pieces of evidence that show a bald head eliminates the chances of prostate cancer in men to about 29%. The causes of male patterned baldness are due to the DHT or Dihydrotestosterone which converts to testosterone affecting the hair follicles and resulting in baldness.
  • Lesser Stress: Although stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss, adopting a bald hairstyle can also be a stressful solution to all hair issues. As hair loss induces the chances of baldness, so going bald can relieve the worry of a bald head and one can come out of the stress. Moreover, with a shaved head the worries, stress, time, and energy that goes into taking care of the hair can be disappeared by going bald. In case, you are stressing over those falling hairs and are quite sure of impending baldness then just get a head shaver and shave off those hairs.
  • Better Metabolism: A bald-headed man has a higher level of testosterone than a person with hair, and a higher level of testosterone in males means better metabolic influence on their health. Testosterone is known to boost metabolism and provides a well-shaped masculine body. Researches show that a high testosterone level does not allow facial fat deposits thus making the face sculpted and strong.
  • Cool Summers: With sweaty and wet hairs during scorching summer, it must have occurred to most of us to shave off those manes and let the cool breeze blow over our heads. As much as the idea seems soothing so is its application, a bald head can effectively bring down the summer heat on the head, which dense hair accelerates. Moreover, a bald man can always use a hat to avoid heat on the head and can use sunscreens to avoid tanning from direct exposure to sunlight. All in all, summers can be pretty relaxing and sooting for a bald man.
  • Cost-effective and less time-consuming: In a fashionable world, to ace, the fashion look one needs to spend a lot of money and time on hair styling and hair products. Moreover, apart from paying a significant amount for hair products, one has to also wait for a certain period of time according to the product guidelines. So overall it is a time-consuming process to take care of the hair. On the other hand, baldness can be a convenient option as it not only saves money but also your valuable time.
  • Mature and Sensible look: Bald-headed men are often perceived as more mature, and sensible and have a dominant aura around them, which enables them to perform better on the professional front. It is also believed that bald head men make better leaders and are more successful businessmen. Besides, growing a beard with a bald head can be a style statement.
  • Attractive: One of the most important aspects of dating life is to look handsome and attractive to impress the other sex. Man with a bald head grabs attention as they are fewer in number and if styled accordingly they can be the ones to attract every eye in a room. Either be it a dating scenario or a conference room setting, the bald man can make their presence felt with their appearance, and with a little wit and confidence, they can be at the top of their style game. Just make sure to shave your head regularly with a bald head shaver to avoid stubbles and to flaunt a clean and smooth dome.

The Bottom Line:

From time immemorial many eminent personalities have embraced the bald head and lived with confidence without any remorse or dejection. Even many common men have over time accepted baldness as a prominent hairstyle and not as a disgrace and this has only been popular because of the advantages that it comes with. Moreover, because of the ease of maintenance and its cost-effective property, it has been gaining massive popularity among men. All it costs is to invest in a head shaver and some minimal hair products and you can say goodbye to long parlor bills. And keeping all these positive traits in mind, baldness can be a choice of living.


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