Automatic Wheel Chairs


Automatic wheelchairs work on power with attached technical assistive, sensors and mechanical functions. That chairs also called as electric powered wheelchairs. Motorized wheelchairs aim to get knowledge about terrifying objects and united information near the user area for seeing feedback. Combination detecting devices information received most interest instead of one sensing device for data and value of different sensation.

Smart Wheel Chairs

Most wheelchairs are manual functioning by force of hands to rotate wheel but automatic wheel chairs functions with help sensor and detectors. Smart Automatic wheelchair has the support of rechargeable for the operation of the motor and helps to move wheels. There is an operating tool named Joystick which has control of wheelchair functions. People like to free environment as they want to do anything kind of activity. They can’t be able to perform whole of it. That is unable to paralyzed peoples to get participation in everyday activities. With the help of Smart Wheelchairs, these problems may be solved.

For what Automatic Wheel Chairs Used

Automatic wheelchairs mostly used for weakness of the human body and other diseases like Parkinson’s, Scoliosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Artistes and Spina Bifida diseases. You have known for what you use Automatic wheelchairs can either home use or transport. You will feel required to change your vehicle with an Automatic Wheelchair. Other especial need you can handle. It has four and six wheels for driving and seating system.  


  • Travel safely toward outdoor from indoor with the help of object detection device.
  • These made with more configurations consisting of controlling system, power batteries and moveable wheels.
  • Middle wheel support to turn the direction of chairs, and it is beneficial for indoors.
  • Automatic wheelchairs work according to given control by operators for speed and directions.
  • At navigation modes power on between outdoor and indoor automatically.
  • Automatic wheelchair is operated by verbal instruction and sensing the high degree of movement of the body.
  • The caretaker does not need to apply to force for moving this wheelchair, automatic wheelchairs require less bushing force.
  • It is specially made for all kind of disabilities.
  • Mostly automatic wheelchairs handle supporting ergonomically.
  • It has the function of controlling the situation of when the user may not be able to hold likely, but it can talk, give direction to control it.
  • Small wheels that are conveniently supporting to push wheel chairs and doesn’t fatigue to caregivers.
  • It is required efforts for using energy for push bar of wheelchairs.


  • Having foam material which reduces the number of pressure on blisters.
  • Automatic wheelchairs have no risk of separation of its part when you are using it.
  • You can handle automatic wheelchairs with a single hand.
  • Automatic wheelchairs support to enhance body posture and help to less of unwanted conditions
  • You can travel outdoor instead of suffering from public transport.
  • Automatic wheelchairs have supporting tools and its controlling system as want to use.
  • The automatic wheelchair can run with a speed of meter per hours.
  • Automatic travel wheelchairs are convenient to and fold very merely.
  • Automatic wheelchairs easily fit in into the backspace or backseat of vehicles.
  • It cannot occupy a large area while moving upon a plane or car.
  • This wheelchair portable easily folded.


  • It needs repairs and maintenance for proper functioning.
  • The importance is to know about who is donating you?
  • Make assurance to eligibility by assigned criteria of donors.
  • Every disabled person can’t afford it due to its price is very high.
  • The battery can down in midway of your travelling upon it.
  • It needs to protect from rainwater for its life efficiency.



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