All commercial buildings constructed before 2000 shall have an asbestos registry (survey) in place, and any ACMs discovered must be managed before being reviewed annually. However, this law still needs to be fully implemented, as the necessary management controls are either absent or many UK houses haven’t had an asbestos survey. You may need an asbestos survey for any of the following reasons:

Compliance with asbestos management surveys

A legal requirement is to have an asbestos survey done if your (non-domestic) property was constructed before 2000. The Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012 enforces this obligation. Asbestos management surveys should identify any potential ACM (asbestos-containing materials). The management survey is the beginning point for continuing asbestos management within a facility. If a survey is necessary for your property, a reliable company can assist in setting up an on-site inspection.

Purchasing a home

An asbestos survey is ideal if you purchase a property (commercial or residential) built before 2000. It becomes your problem if you buy the property without having a survey done and then learn that it has ACMs. This is frequently discovered after a standard building survey or at the lender’s request, who shares some risks.

Survey for renovation/demolition

Before beginning any work on a property outside the original survey’s parameters, you must conduct a more thorough (intrusive) survey. This kind of asbestos survey is known as refurbishment/demolition. The asbestos regulations also make this a legal necessity.

Selling a house

Often, sellers don’t learn they need one until a buyer, buyer’s agent, or lender requests one. Although selling a home containing asbestos is permitted in the UK, you should let potential purchasers know if you know it.

Adding assets to a pension

Directors frequently transfer assets into a variety of pension plans. The trustees will generally count on you to have current asbestos knowledge to evaluate the property appropriately.

Leasing a property

In most circumstances, the duty for the asbestos survey is yours if you sign a lease under which you are responsible for the property’s upkeep. If there is asbestos, you should ask your potential landlord for current information to ensure it is safe and manageable.

Lease termination and deterioration

You must ensure that any asbestos is in excellent shape and your asbestos information has been kept current before leaving a lease. Typically, the landlord will anticipate this. If you haven’t followed the law’s requirements, you can face charges as part of the dilapidations process.

Common areas for landlords

The law stipulates that if you manage commercial or residential buildings, you must be aware of asbestos in the “common areas” of the premises you govern. Corridors, parking lots, plant rooms, roof spaces, and stairwells are among these places that are sometimes forgotten.

Utility firm installing wires. 

A utility firm typically requests an updated survey when improving IT, electrical, or heating systems. A refurbishment or demolition survey may be necessary to account for any upcoming work to the structure of the building if a management study is insufficient.

The takeaway

Contact a reliable asbestos management survey company if the above situations apply to your property.


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