All About Types and Design of Washi Tapes



If you love to do craft work you might be aware of washi tape or have also seen it in many places. But, no need to worry if you are not aware of washi tapes as in this article we are going to talk about cute and pretty washi tapes and their uses. Also, we will make you familiar with the different types and designs of cute and adorable washi tapes and an online store where these washi tapes are easily available. So, let’s get started!

Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are masking tape which is used for decorating purposes. These tapes are quite pretty and give a little transparent look. These cute little tapes come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. These thin and durable tapes are affordable and can enhance the prettiness of your craftwork. These washi tapes are easily tear-able as they are crafted from thin paper as well as you can easily stick this cute item on any surface. With thousands of color patterns, these tiny tapes are easily removable and do not cause damage to any surface. These washi tapes are the perfect material for recreating different items and decorating them and are also known as masking tape. 

Being a need of every craft-loving person, these washi tapes are easily available in online stores and markets and comes in different sizes, shapes, designs, texture, and colors as well as are affordable to buy. Also, you can peel them easily and stick them on a particular item for making it more impressive. Also, these washi tapes always attract teenagers and they use to collect them and loves to use them for decorating their wall, picture freeman, scrapbook, envelops and many more places

Types and Designs of Washi Tapes 

You might be wondering about how many types and designs of washi tapes are available in the market or at the online store. So, it can be a hard task to count the washi tapes in numbers as many types of washi tapes can be used for different purposes. Let’s glance at the types and designs of washi tapes.

  • Washi Tapes with Cartoon Characters 

These multi-tasking tapes come in the shapes and designs of different cartoon characters which is always attractive to kids. They can easily use this type of cartoon character washi tape for decorating their notebooks and creating neat pages by applying them to the corners of pages. These cartoon character washi tapes are superlative for kids who love to do craft work in their leisure time. 

  • Washi Tapes with Plain Colors 

Washi tapes look elegant and attractive when they come in plain, solid, and decent colors. These colors give a striking look when you use them on any product. The washi tapes in black, blue, pink, orange, yellow, and many more colors with a plain touch are easy to use and apply. These types of plain washi tapes are available at online stores like Vograce which is one of the well-known online stores and serve you with the best quality of washi tapes which are decent and attractive. These Vograce washi tapes come in every neon and pastel color. 

  • Washi Tapes with Different Textures

Similarly, washi tapes come in different types of textures which are perfect for using them on your frames and adding beauty to your gift wraps. Their washi tapes are available in the texture of glitter, smooth surface, and many more which are easy to use and craft on your wall, phone cover, pencils, etc. as it makes your item prettier. However, it will not harm the surface when removed as it is made up of slightly transparent and thin paper. So, choose the texture according to your wish and desire from any online store like Vograce. Also, the Vorgrace washi tapes come with a warranty so, if you have any issue with the theme, color, or quality, you can easily contact their customer care within 60 days

  • Washi Tapes According to Theme

Another type of washi tape that is affordable comes in theme style. These washi tapes are crafted according to the theme like if there is any theme birthday party, Christmas, Valentine, or any other event. you can buy these washi tapes and decorate little things for gifting your loved ones like photos frames, mobile covers, etc. also, you can buy them from Vograce as the Vograce washi tape is the best in town and facilitates you with every theme of washi tapes which are durable and reasonable. So, find your favorite designs according to the theme and event from Vograce.

  • Washi Tapes According to Culture 

Washi tapes being the most common item of decoration also comes according to the cultures and countries. However, in Japan, China, and many other countries these washi tapes are used to decorate and personalize stationaries, beautify your nails by sticking these tapes on them, customizing and decorating envelopes, and more things. So, these washi tapes are available at the store in the style of Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. 

To Sum Up,

By summing up the above article we can say that washi tapes or masking tape are amazing and durable washing items that are known for artistic reasons. Likewise, there are a lot of other types of washi tapes available which are ideal to craft or decorating your home. So, enhance the adorability of your product or item by applying different types of decorative and gorgeous washi tapes. If you are looking for pretty, colorful, unique, and small customize washi tapes, do not hesitate and personalize the one from Vograce. Select the style, designs, and types of Vograce washi tapes according to your desire enjoy crafting your special items from them and we guarantee you that you will never regret buying them. Also, this online Store contains many other products like keychains, stickers, pillows, and many more items. For other queries and information, visit their website and contact their customer support team.


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