Aidan Kerr Demonstrates The Difference Young Philanthropists Can Make  


See how XXXTENTION’s Aidan Kerr Brother Is Affecting Positive Change In His Community

By Emily Stephens 

“Positive thinking brings positive things,” as the phrase goes may be true, yet we live in a world where kindness is rare and the world is full of negativity and violence. 

Even despite what happened to his brother, celebrity rapper XXXTENTION, 11-year-old boy Aiden Kerr is pursuing a life of positive change and rapidly becoming a prominent young philanthropist. 

Aiden’s main purpose is to keep XXXTENTION’s memory alive in a positive way by mixing his charity endeavors with his love for his brother Aidan Kerr. After his brother’s death, Aiden took on numerous philanthropic projects to keep him positively motivated and utilize the influence XXXTENTION brought to his family to make a positive impact in his local community. 

Aiden, for instance, is a volunteer at the SOS Children’s Villages in Florida where he works with children to meet their fundamental needs, such as food, shelter, and education. 

Aiden’s main goal is to assist children in all aspects of their lives. As a child, he understands what a child wants and how he can meet those needs and make them happy. 

SOS Children’s Villages has been working on this worthwhile cause for the past seven decades. Their objective is to strengthen children’s care and the overall communities’ awareness of how children are faring. With notable partnerships, such as the one with Aiden, SOS provides an inclusive emotional, financial, and practical support system. 

Through these efforts, Aidan Kerr is inspiring other young people to adopt philanthropic endeavors and partner with high impact organizations in their local communities.


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