A Brief Guide For Types of Car Loans Repayment

A Brief Guide For Types of Car Loans Repayment

Auto loans are the most convenient and flexible way to buy a car, firstly one does not need to depend on dealers for the approvement of a loan to purchase a 4-wheeler. One can simply apply online for a car loan and in fact, one can repay online without any hassle.

Repayment identifies the periodic payments which you make to fulfill the automobile loan. There are numerous methods by which you can repay a car loan – Regular EMI, step-up EMI, and step-down EMI, to mention a few.

To prevent any hassles, borrowers have to be clear concerning the benefits and pitfalls of each payment method prior to signing the automobile loan agreement. Get car loans easily at Lend For All.

Which are the various types of loan repayment method?

Following are the six generally offered repayment methods:

Regular EMI

The most usual repayment system, a monthly installment level, is determined depending on the tenure and rate of interest. EMIs are paid at the start of each month or at the very conclusion of a month.

Balloon EMI

Inside this car loan repayment type, borrowers are permitted to make lump sum payments near the conclusion of the repayment plan. The balloon method lessens the initial load of a loan to the borrower.

Special tie-up

At times, the dealer and the lender have a tie-up to ensure if there are surplus funds, the exact same can be used for the remainder of the automobile loan. This also assists the borrower to decrease the principal and decreasing the entire interest.

Step-Down EMI

Inside this repayment procedure, the EMI amount gradually decreases from greatest to lowest. The EMI reduces dependent on the number of payments performed.

Step-Up EMI

In case of step-up EMIs, the first EMI is billed significantly less, and it raises based on the assumption that the anticipated earnings of the debtor additionally raise. Normally, the EMI shift would occur twice throughout the whole loan tenure.

Auto Loan Repayment System

  • An auto loan amortization calendar or the program will reveal how your EMIs have been utilized to pay back the interest and principal every month.
  • An auto loan repayment program calculator will provide you information concerning the EMIs, interest on the outstanding principal, and how the main reductions monthly due to their EMI payments.
  • To know about car loan repayment, you can use an online amortization calculator. You’ll need to enter details such as the amount of the loan, the annual interest rate, and the whole amount of EMI payments.
  • The calculator will endeavor details regarding the EMI, interest on loan amount, and reduction in the main loan amount. These details can allow you to organize your prepayment and create future budgets.

Benefits of an Auto Loan Repayment EMI Calculator

An auto loan EMI calculator is used in deciding the amount of the loan and tenure for the prescribed rate of interest.

Prior to applying for a car loan, you need to figure out the affordability depending on the rates of interest and decide on the tenure. This won’t only make sure that you’re not going overboard with all the loan numbers but also enable you to select a car that satisfies your budget.


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