A 399-Year-Old Woman Who Has Been Circulating as A Hoax Has Been Debunked.


The world’s oldest woman, or so it seems, is the subject of a viral video on the social media platform TikTok. Today marks what is thought to be her 399th birthday. Nonetheless, the internet sensation was debunked when it was discovered that the oldest living human being has previously been officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

A 163-year-old monk’s TikTok videos once became viral. Some online users have started to speculate that the monk isn’t the oldest person still living.

People have speculated that the woman who was spotted in bed was at least 400 years old. It has been speculated online that her advanced years have rendered her speechless and physically immobile.

Users on the internet continue to debate how old the monk and the lady are, despite the fact that it has been shown that the woman does not exist. The monk is actually the star of the video, which many people mistook for a documentary about a 399-year-old woman.

Luang Ta or Luang Pho Yai is the name of the Buddhist priest. The 109-year-old Thai resident is still going strong. After starring in his granddaughter’s TikTok video, he gained widespread online attention. Over 88,000,000 people have watched a video of him in a hospital bed.

Who Is the Oldest Person Living?

That Kane Tanaka, of Fukuoka, Japan, Is the Oldest Person Alive Was Confirmed by Guinness World Records on January 20. the Date of The Woman’s Birth, January 2, 1903, Makes Her 119 Years Old Today.

The 1918 Spanish Flu Was One of Two Global Pandemics that Kane Tanaka Weathered. Tanaka Got Married at The Young Age of 19, Had Four Biological Children and One Adoptive Daughter.

In 1937, She Saw Her Husband and Two Boys Go to The Second Sino-Japanese War and Later Return Home. Her Husband, Sadly, Died at The Age of 90. She Is Now the Proud Grandmother of Five Grandchildren and Great Grandmother of Eight. the Woman Who Holds the Record for Being the Oldest Person Alive Currently Dwells in A Nursing Facility. Two Cancer Procedures Later, She Seemed to Be in Good Health.

399-Year-Old Woman Doesn’t Exist

Incredulous Viewers of Videos and Tales Claiming to Have Seen a Woman Who Is About 400 Years Old Took to The Web to Share Their Findings.

But This Is Not True; the Individual in The Video Is the Same Monk Who Became Viral Due to His Advanced Age.

Some People on The Internet Are Spreading the Falsehood that The Person in The Video Is 399 Years Old, Which Has Led to The Redistribution of The Original Film.

The Buddhist Monk Luang Pho Yai, Sometimes Known as Luang Ta, Continues to Be the Subject of Unending Fascination on The World Wide Web.


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