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9Anime Introduction

If you are an anime fan then you must have heard the name of this website. 9Anime is a very popular website that allows you to watch anime movies and shows for free streaming. This site can be accessed on a smartphone as well as on computers. As the popularity of anime streaming is rising, people have been searching sites like 9Anime online.

Why 9Anime Is Popular?

9Anime has become a favorite site of anime lovers worldwide because of a massive collection of anime and the ease of navigation. Users, here, can easily find all the popular, latest, an old classic, less-popular, and anime content of all genres. The home page of 9Anime is a simple search engine like Google, where viewers can type in the name of the anime series or movie name and the results will appear on the screen.

Since the 9anime is free and it doesn’t require any kind of registration, the popularity of this site is mounting. Also, the site runs fewer ads on its website compares to other similar sites like 9Anime. Earlier, it was accessible on 9Anime.to, but now the domain has been changed very often. The number of visitors on 9anime has not changed and they are still in millions per month. Now because the community of 9Anime is so big, the site owners have made 9Anime official subreddit at Reddit.com.

Things You Should Know About 9Anime Reddit

As we said already, the developers of 9Anime needed a platform where 9Anime users can connect with developers and other people. And this is why they created the 9Anime subreddit on October 15, 2016. In the last four years, nearly 31,000 members have joined the subreddit which is available at r/9Anime. The official “about community” section described the 9Anim Reddit account as follows:

“The official subreddit for 9Anime.to! Discuss, recommend, and review anime. Get help from a variety of users and subreddit staff as well as receive frequent updates regarding the website and subreddit. Make sure to subscribe to never miss a post!”

So, the users get to know about new posts by 9Anime subreddit community members and the creators. The announcement section of the subreddit describes 9Anime FAQs and 9Anime mobile ads. Lastly, the website section of 9Anime Subreddit redirects to 9Anime.zone where users can find the 9Anime proxies and mirror links.

Since the site is illegal, the developers have to change the domain extension of the site very often. So, users can find the right 9Anime website, the website option has been given on 9Anime’s subreddit at Reddit.

The members are strictly prohibited to post anything unrelated to 9Anime. This is the first rule. The second rule of 9Anime Reddit is to never post about alternative sites to the 9Anime website to watch anime online free. The last rules say to never complain about silly issues and post duplicate posts.

Another very significant feature of 9Anime Reddit is that developers are very active so, they answer questions posted by members and solve the various issues raised by them. Each such post is tagged as “answered” or “resolved” if they are responded to by the creators or the other community members.

Some Similar Sites like 9Anime That Are Not Mentioned at 9Anime Reddit

There are many free anime streaming sites that can be alternatives to 9Anime. Here we have mentioned the top 9Anime Alternatives so, you can have various sites at your disposal to watch anime free online.


Not only this free anime online streaming website is similar to the name of 9Anime, but it also has many other similar features that make it one of the best alternatives to 4Anime. This website shows all the popular and the latest released seasons and the episodes on the homepage. If we want to search for a specific one, we have to use the search engine or its filters. The content is updated regularly so, you would get all the latest updates on this 9Anime alternative.

The quality of the video is really great and along with streaming online, 4anime you to download live anime, either in Full HD or in standard quality. No sign-up is required but if the users want to connect with people with the same interest then they can comment on the anime episodes and communicate with other users.


Even the newest anime fan might be familiar with this site as it is already a popular anime streaming website for free. The domain name of the site is changed very often due to legal reasons but the massive collection of anime series and the regular updates of the latest chapters are the things that make it one of the best similar sites like 9Anime to watch anime online.

It is a safe bet in terms of quality anime, subtitled and dubbed into English, mixing both old and new anime in one place, divided into all kinds of genres. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular in this category and it is available in different countries around the world. Without forgetting the comfort for its users, allowing you to download your episodes on any of your devices, as well as play them comfortably both on the phone and computer.


If you like your favorite anime shows dubbed in English then this is the site you want. JustDubs can be among the top alternatives to 9Anime when it comes to offering English dubbed anime. The site is really simple but very safe to use. Unlike other similar sites like JustDubs, this site never changes its domain name. The collection of the new and old anime series is really impressive. Along with anime, users can also read free manga online.

There is no need to sign-up for this 9Anime alternative. Since JustDubs offers only English dubbed anime, we may not find some latest anime series that are not dubbed by studios. No anime with subtitles is found here. The quality of the video is available in different resolutions i.e. from SD to full HD. A few ads may appear on the site but they can be blocked with AdBlock installed on your web browser.



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