8 Technical Questions to Ask an iOS Developer Before Hiring

iOS Developer

The success of your mobile app development project depends largely on hiring the right iOS developer to work on it. Your app’s performance and user experience will depend greatly on the technical prowess of the iOS developer who will bring your app idea to life on Apple devices.It’s crucial to ask the correct technical questions throughout the interview to ensure you’re selecting the best candidate. We’ll review eight such technical queries you should ask before you hire an iOS developer.

1. What is the Difference Between Swift and Objective-C?

The two main programming languages for creating iOS apps are Swift and Objective-C. A skilled iOS developer ought to be knowledgeable in both. Request an explanation from the candidate of the critical distinctions between Swift and Objective-C, such as syntax, compatibility, and performance.

A strong applicant should be able to explain when and why they might pick one language over another for a specific project.

2. Can You Explain MVC Architecture in iOS Development?

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern is the cornerstone of iOS development. It divides an app’s data model, user interface, and control flow into three independent parts.

iOS developers should thoroughly understand MVC and be able to describe how it functions in iOS apps—request examples of MVC implementation from the candidate in their prior projects.

3. What are Optionals in Swift, and How Do You Handle Them?

The Swift programming language has a unique feature called optionals that enables developers to represent values that might be null or absent. Given that optionals are a core component of Swift, an iOS developer should feel at ease using them.

Ask the candidate to describe optionals and their methods to deal with them, such as forced unwrapping and optional binding. By asking them this question, you can evaluate the candidate’s understanding of Swift’s safety features. 

4. How Do You Manage Memory in iOS?

In iOS development, memory management is crucial since memory leaks and improper memory utilization can result in app crashes and subpar performance. Inquire about the applicant’s knowledge of iOS memory management.

They must be knowledgeable about ideas like reference counting, strong and weak references, and using Swift’s ARC (Automatic Reference Counting). Inquire further about their methods to stop memory leaks, such as using weak references in delegate patterns. 

5. What are Delegates and Protocols in iOS?

In iOS development, delegates and protocols are crucial ideas that enable communication between objects and specify a set of functions a class must implement. Please inquire about the candidate’s use of delegates and protocols in previous projects and their definitions and applications.

iOS developers should be able to show that they are adept at developing protocols, adhering to them, and establishing delegate connections. 

6. Can You Explain Core-Data Framework?

Apple’s framework for controlling an iOS app’s model layer is called Core Data. It is essential for developing data-driven apps and is utilized for data persistence.

Inquire about the candidate’s knowledge of Core Data’s operation and critical elements, including managed objects, managed object contexts, and persistent storage. Ask them whether they have experience utilizing Core Data for data retrieval, modeling, and migrations. 

 7. How Do You Optimize an iOS App for Performance?

For an iOS app to succeed, performance is essential. Ask the candidate about their methods for improving app performance. They should be conversant with techniques like background tasks, asynchronous programming, and lazy loading.

Also, inquire about the instruments and libraries they have used for performance profiling and troubleshooting. 

 8. What is an Auto-Layout, and How Do You Use it for UI Design?

Apple uses Auto Layout, a technique to create user interfaces that change to accommodate various screen sizes and orientations. Inquire about the candidate’s use of Auto Layout to develop responsive and flexible user interfaces.

Examine their knowledge of layout anchors, restrictions, and the Visual Format Language (VFL). A skilled iOS developer should know the methods for handling UI on various device sizes and orientations.

Hire the Best iOS Developer: A Few Additional Tips

Besides the technical questions mentioned earlier, consider these tips to ensure you hire iOS developers who are best suited for your project:

  • Review their Portfolio
    Examine the candidate’s portfolio carefully. From this, you can learn more about the different kinds of apps they’ve worked on, their sense of design, and their capacity to produce practical and visually appealing iOS applications.
  • Check App-store Presence

    Evaluate the apps (if any) the candidate already has on the App Store. This will let you assess their output caliber, user feedback, and how well their apps function in actual use.
  • Assess their Problem-Solving Skill
    Present the candidate with real-world challenges or scenarios they might encounter on your project in addition to technical questions. Evaluate their critical thinking and the way they address difficult situations.
  • Cultural Fit

    Consider how well the individual will fit into the culture of your team. Evaluate their ability to work in a group, communication skills, and desire to cooperate with other stakeholders, designers, and developers.
  • Stay Updated

    New tools, libraries, and best practices are constantly being developed for iOS development. Check if the candidate is dedicated to following the latest trends and technology in the iOS ecosystem.
  • Ask for References

    Request recommendations from their prior jobs or clientele without hesitation. Speaking with others who have worked directly with the candidate might reveal essential details about their professionalism, dependability, and work ethic.
  • Coding Test

    Give the applicant a short assignment or a real coding test. Using this, you can evaluate their coding abilities, adherence to best practices, and code quality.

Sealing Success: Hiring the Right iOS Developer 

The success of your mobile app development can be significantly impacted by your choice to hire an iOS developer. You can accurately analyze a candidate’s qualifications and make a knowledgeable hiring decision by asking them these eight technical questions and analyzing their responses.

A skilled and seasoned iOS developer will not only assist you in building a high-quality app but will also ensure its long-term success in the competitive app market.


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