8 Flat Fee MLS Listing Services to sell home fast

8 Flat Fee MLS Listing Services to sell home fast
8 Flat Fee MLS Listing Services to sell home fast

Companies that purchase houses for cash may sound intriguing if you need to sell your house quickly but don’t want to utilize a normal realtor to post it on the open market. Homeowners should exercise caution when dealing with companies that buy real estate for cash. When selling your home, a search for “we buy houses for cash near me” will yield the greatest results. You can sell your home quickly by selling it directly to companies that purchase houses for cash.

A Flat fee MLS listing service

When you are confused about “how to sell my house fast,” you can choose Flat Fee MLS Service. Instead of paying your real estate agent a portion of the sale price of your house, you decide in advance on a flat charge for their assistance. The agent promises to list your house on the MLS in exchange for a commission. Some brokers might also offer extra beneficial services like open houses, professional photography, managed showings, and more in addition to a flat-fee MLS listing. Houzeo is one of the best Flat fee MLS Service Providers.

There are essentially two sorts of cash buyer businesses:

Cash companies

We Buy Houses for Cash companies often only purchase properties in poor condition and do so at a substantial discount from their market value.


Despite only operating in a few major metro regions and having stringent purchase restrictions, iBuyers submit competing bids closer to what your home would fetch on the open market. Sellers who desire a quick sale for a sizable house can use iBuyers. They provide far higher prices for properties, making them a better option for We Buy Houses companies.

Benefits of Flat Fee Listing Companies

More Profits

If your home sells for a big profit, you’ll have many more options, whether it’s time to upsize or downsize. The less commission you spend, the more money you can expect to make from the sale and set aside for a new home’s budget.

Hiring an Experienced Agent

Homeowners who didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars to an agent to sell their property had only one choice in the past: handle the full sale themselves. It takes various skills to sell a home, from knowing local agents who work for buyers to have a firm grasp of the contracts and laws governing real estate transactions in the area. Trying to balance these obligations with daily life typically results in the venture failing to make any progress.

Peace of Mind

The sale of a home cannot ever be guaranteed by a real estate agent, much less a price, but by choosing a flat-fee listing, you can reduce some of the stress that frequently accompanies this process.

Best 8 Flat Fee Listing Companies near me

Here is a checklist of the best 8 flat fee MLS listing near me:


Houzeo has a lot of reviews with five stars. It offers the best possible combination of significant financial savings, cutting-edge technology, 5-star customer service, and listing visibility.


● Nationwide availability

● Numerous websites, including Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, and Redfin, promote flat-fee listing services.

● A one-day shortlisting process

● Online transactions with lower commissions that include timely updates, straightforward listings, online showings, and online offers

● Featured app for mobile


A fantastic strategy for home sellers who need to sell quickly to keep more of their home’s equity is to work with an iBuyer like Offerpad. Compared to other cash purchasers, Offerpad makes competitive cash offers that are much closer to the value of your house.


● Rapid cash offer and deal completion.

● Offerpad will buy your products “as is.”

List With Freedom

One of the most well-known websites for selling a house on your own is List With Freedom. You can advertise your home and sell it on your own using MLS’s user-friendly web portal.


● Best for experienced sellers who are acquainted with the fundamentals of real estate.

● Free of cancellation fees


Opendoor is another fantastic option for homeowners who need to sell their property rapidly. The company pays more than most cash buyers even though, like other iBuyers, it frequently pays less than what you would obtain on the open market.


● Fourteen days is the normal closing period.

● Forty-five different geographic areas make up Opendoor’s service area.


The only company on our list, Sundae, connects homeowners with nearby real estate investors willing to make cash offers rather than purchase real estate. The major benefit of using Sundae is that even without formally marketing your house, you will receive multiple cash offers from qualified investors after entering your details.


● Lists and sells real estate in any condition

● No service charges


Homecoin, a flat-fee MLS platform with a digital focus, is now offering its services in 9 more states. The “cheap” FSBO listings on Homecoin attract home sellers. They provide a complicated web dashboard that makes the FSBO listing process even more difficult.


● Fully accessible online

● Ads for private sales

MarketPro Homebuyers

A local company that buys houses in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC, MarketPro buys houses. The response that MarketPro receives from home sellers is often quite positive.


● Quick and simple.

● Moving and packing expenses are reimbursed.

● You get to choose the date of expiration.

We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses has been a worldwide network of cash home buyers since 1997. The company has a 24-48-hour offer deadline and a 7-day closing window. Since each We Buy Houses location is owned and operated by a local real estate investor, who controls how they conduct business, some We Buy Houses locations have a higher reputation than others.


● Within 24–48 hours, get a free, no-obligation offer.

● Countrywide Availability

● No maintenance issues to worry about.

● You might only receive one office in your location if you have an exclusive license.

Final Words

A flat-fee MLS provider can assist you in getting your listing on the MLS, where most potential purchasers will see it if you’re selling your home “as is” (FSBO). Selling on FSBO websites is quicker than selling through a Realtor, saving you thousands of dollars in commission and granting you complete control over your transaction.


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