7 good reasons to start using torrents


Intro: Torrenting is a great way to get your hands on anime and movies that you can’t find in stores or online. While not all torrents have excellent quality, there are ways to discover high-quality torrents for the content you want to watch. Another benefit of torrenting is that it’s often faster than downloading from other sources. If you’re looking for a quick way to watch your favorite shows and movies, using a torrent client is the way to go. If you are still not sure about torrent following are some reasons to start doing so today:

Torrenting is fast: 

Torrents use the Bittorrent protocol, which takes advantage of multiple sources, or peers, to download files. It means that if one peer has a file you’re trying to download but isn’t taking up all of it (because their Internet connection is down, for example), someone else with a good relationship can send you the extra. It makes it much faster than other

downloads, and in some cases, torrents are faster than direct download links from a site’s server.

Torrenting is flexible: 

While some torrent clients are more flexible than others, they all offer a variety of ways to customize the process. For example, you can choose how much information is downloaded initially and when your computer starts downloading files. This way, you can save CPU usage for video calls or playing games instead of serving up media all day. Some sites or hosting companies may not allow you to directly access their servers through your browser because of DMCA rules, but there’s no DMCA on BitTorrent. Torrents are an alternative to direct downloads, so if your ISP is blocking you from accessing specific files due to copyright restrictions, torrenting might be the only way you can get them.

Torrents keep getting better: 

With expanding library sizes and faster speeds, the torrents you grab today will be better than what was available even a year ago. If you don’t already know how to use u1337x, now is a great time to learn. The best thing about torrents is that they’re constantly updated with new technologies to make them more secure and efficient. As more people use torrents, they become harder to shut down or track. For example, you might not be able to find a working public Torrent web UI (interface), but there are alternatives like rTorrent that will do the job just as well — it’s all a matter of preference.


Torrents are a great way to get the content you want without having to worry about anyone knowing what you’ve been watching. You can watch that naughty video with your girlfriend and not have to be embarrassed about it showing up on Facebook or Instagram, as long as you don’t share it online. If you’re concerned about this, torrenting is probably the best solution. You can use VPNs with torrents, so your ISP won’t know what you are downloading.

No ads: 

One of the best things about torrenting is that you don’t have to deal with ads or commercials. You can watch your favorite content without any distractions, which is great if you’re only downloading something to help pass the time on a work break or during commercial holidays on TV. Limited data caps are also another reason to use torrents instead of streaming video. You can watch your favorite shows and movies without being interrupted by ads every 2 minutes as with TV, Cable, etc.; when you download the movie file, anime series/movie, or even shows, you can watch it without interruption and can binge-watch your favorite shows in true sense.

No Monthly Bills: 

As you don’t have to pay anything for torrenting, so no need to pay high monthly bills or other subscriptions fees like cable TV, etc. whereas all the other streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, and other services which provide movies and shows to stream online charge

monthly subscription charges. But with torrent, all the content you download is saved in one place, so you can access it easily anywhere at any time from any device, from wherever you want. So no need for multiple streaming platforms or different websites. Just need a good client, and you are good to go. Torrents are free, and you can download the anime series/movies as much as you want without paying a single cent if you are lucky to find a high-quality torrent.

Torrents work on any device: 

You can enjoy torrent downloading on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and even android mobile phones without paying extra money for that particular platform, unlike streaming services that charge differently for the different operating systems. Torrent download speed does not depend on your device’s brand, model, or OS. So this is a common and valid reason for you to switch to torrenting. Click here more


Those are just a few of the many reasons to use torrenting. You can find large files, better quality, and fast downloads when you download via torrent. Torrents are fantastic for getting copies of the media you want to enjoy on your computer or your mobile device without having to pay outrageous prices or waste time with inferior quality files.




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