6 Vape Flavors That Will Impress Your Friends


One of the best things about vaping is that you have an unlimited range of vape juices and flavors to pick from.  

The vaping market has grown tremendously, and there’s a perfect flavor for everyone regardless of their personal preferences. While your vape flavor choice may not necessarily be your friends’ favorite, there are common flavors you can try with your friends.  

Whether you love fruity flavors like grapes and apples, or flavors from your favorite drinks, there’s a variety of top-tier of vape flavors to buy in the market. 

Finding the Best Vape Flavors to Share with Friends 


E-juices and flavors are a big part of vaping. If anything, a wrong choice for a vape juice or flavor may ruin your entire vaping experience and leave you less satisfied. That’s why as a vaping beginner, you need guidance on where to start, including the choice of vape flavors and juices. 

Your choice of vape flavors is even more critical if you want to have some fun with friends. You want to indulge your friends in a vaping experience where they’re comfortable with well-recognized vape flavors and not some randomly picked ones. Here are some of the top vape flavors you may want to try with your friends.  

  1. Menthol Flavors 

These are the ideal flavors if you love the taste of peppermint. That is, you enjoy minty freshness around you, starting from minty chewing gum to mint toothpaste. The good thing about mint flavors is that they never grow old. So it doesn’t matter whether your friends are laid back or modern-day vapers. 

Menthol flavors form a big part of the E-juice flavor selection. They exist in various minty options to suit different tastes and preferences. Even for chocolate lovers, there’s a minty chocolate flavor to try. Another popular mint flavor is the pure spearmint which clears your sinuses to leave your mouth fresh all day. 

  1. Coffee Flavors 

Coffee is a common drink we all love because of its caffeine kick. Luckily, coffee lovers are well catered for with the specially created coffee-flavored e-juices. Most coffee vape flavors are tinged with other sweet additives such as cookies or cakes to make the flavor even more irresistible. 

With this flavor, your friends are assured of finding an e-liquid to tickle their taste palettes. It’s even better if they have a favorite coffee-related dessert. The trick here is to follow their coffee-loving instincts, and they’ll be amazed by either the dark coffee flavor or the incredible glazed chocolate doughnut flavor. 

  1. Dessert Flavors 

Dessert flavors provide a similar flavor profile to your favorite dessert. They are the ideal flavors if you want something more complex yet exciting to your taste buds. Popular dessert flavors to try with your friends vary from ice cream to cheesecakes.  

The two are part of the typical dessert flavors if you’re only starting. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll find each of your friend’s favorite dessert flavors from the available range of options like marshmallow cookie, Apple pie, Lemon drizzle, and others. 

  1. Candy Flavors 

Candies are everyone’s favorite when growing up and even in old age. Different candy flavors such as caramel are still a favorite even for people of advanced age. This explains why e-juice manufacturers have found a way to relieve the love for candy through e-juice flavors. 

These vary from candy king to strawberry watermelon flavors. The best part about vaping candy flavors with your friends is that they help you relive childhood memories. In addition, they also let you enjoy your favorite candy taste without worrying about the dangers of candies to your teeth or the large amounts of calories. 

  1. Fruity Flavors 

If you’re a vaping enthusiast, you’ve probably encountered the fruity flavored e-juice. This is arguably the most popular vape flavor due to its large appeal to people with different taste preferences. That’s why your friends will fancy an opportunity to try the flavor and probably add it to their list of favorites. 

Fruity flavors command a huge admiration because you can get every fruit flavor available in single or mixed varieties. You can try the apple flavors or go for the mixed apple and pineapple flavor. Other fruit flavors that deliver great taste include grape, strawberry, blueberry flavors. 

  1. Drink Flavored E-juice 

Drink flavors are specially created for those who love the taste of specific alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. They are the best flavors to try if you want a taste of your favorite beverage without the buzz that comes with it.  

These flavors go beyond mimicking alcoholic beverages alone. Milkshake or soda lovers are also in for a treat with a vape flavor that mimics their favorite drink. Popular drink-flavored e-juices that’ll be fun to try with friends range from whiskey, soda, and milk. 

Final Thought 

Picking the perfect vape flavor that’ll impress your friends is not an easy task. However, it is something you need not worry about, given the available variety of vape flavors in the market. If you’re unsure about your choices, the above vape flavors will be an excellent place to start. 


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