6 Secrets Every Online Small Business Owner Should Know


Many prospective businesses appear on the horizon with each new day. Some are truly innovative and have the chance to become the real game-changers of the market. 

However, only a few can resist the ever-changing industry rules and updates. That’s the main reason why many small businesses vanish after some time. This is very common and can happen to every newbie entrepreneur who doesn’t know the rules of the game yet.

But don’t you worry, everyone has the chance to win big by starting small. Many organizations like the European funding network are happy to invest in creative business ideas. What you really need to succeed in your journey is to know the little secrets and tactics of the industry. Luckily, we’ve gathered all the information you may need to start your small business. Now, let’s discuss each of them together.

How to Grow Your Online Business

  1. Choose the Right Platform

Most of your success is directly connected to your choices right from the start, and choosing a platform for your website is the most crucial. If you choose the wrong platform, you risk wasting tonnes of your money and time later on fixing your mistakes.

The right platforms are easy to build and navigate, have different templates, and provide customer support if you have any inquiries. Additionally, they should have many cool in-built tools and features you can use to make your website unique and user-friendly. 

Your website should work fast and smoothly and have a simple and mobile-friendly design to give the best user experience.

Be it WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or any other platform, you should always choose the one that fits your vision and product the best.

  1. Perform SEO Optimization to Get More Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is everything for online businesses – especially for smaller ones that still don’t have much money for paid promotions. But getting a slice of organic traffic is not as easy as it may seem. For this reason, you should start optimizing your website as soon as possible.

SEO for online stores is absolutely crucial but a challenging process that demands a lot of time and attention. 

There are many tactics you should use to get a well-optimized website. As we’ve already mentioned above, the first on the list is your website’s user-focused and mobile-friendly design. Users may leave your website if it takes too much time to load or looks cheap and not secure. It’s a great idea to hire a react native expert, who can help you make a design mobile app in the best possible way.

When you’re done with your website’s overall look, start optimizing your content. Make quality blog posts using your main keywords if you want to increase your rankings and appear on the first page results of search engines. Remember, your website is basically invisible if you don’t appear in search results.

  1. Plan a Content Strategy

The next step has a clear content plan. As you may have heard, content is king, and it should be well planned and thought out. You can create content for different platforms – from your social media channels to your website blog. Your content can include text, images, or videos, but one common rule for every type of content is consistency. If you want algorithms to recognize your efforts, you have to have a clear content schedule.

The best way of being consistent is by building a strategy beforehand. This is when project management systems and content calendars can save the day. Just create your content at least a month in advance and set notifications that will remind you to publish them on time.

  1. Save Your Time

Small business owners have a handful on their plates. At some point, they can simultaneously be the company’s CEO and content writer. That’s why you, as a business owner, should try to be as time-efficient as possible. Don’t try to do everything yourself; use tools or even hire extra hands instead.

Are you in search of new employees? Use the right recruitment management system instead of manually doing the whole hiring and onboarding process. Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Hire PR and marketing experts. Or, if you want to automate some of your business operations, invest in a coworking management system. Try to save your time on tasks that others can do better, and direct all your power to things you know best.

  1. Know How to Create a Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency or “fear of missing out” is a common marketing tactic that has been used for many years. This doesn’t mean that this tactic is overdone or not efficient anymore – it, on the contrary, works best for online businesses.  Creating urgency is important when you prepare your pitch deck to captivate investors with your ideas.

When you create a sense of urgency among your potential buyers, you help them make faster decisions. This can be achieved by offering special promos and offers for a short amount of time. 

For example, if you’re selling online courses, you can offer big sales for the first ten buyers. This will build anxiety among your potential leads, and they’ll buy your course faster and with more confidence. As a result, you increase your revenue and convert more leads.

  1. Offer Excellent Customer Support

Regarding online businesses, customer support is the backbone of your success. You should always remember that clients don’t see your face or products in real life. So, they need to feel secure and confident on your platform. The best way to build trustful relationships with them is by providing quality customer support.

So, create an FYI section with your users’ most common questions and inquiries. Make sure you’re available 24/7 – with the help of live chatbots or customer support specialists. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is risky – especially when you’re just a newbie in the market. One of the finest investments you can make to reduce these dangers is to give yourself time to study and grow. So, before making your big jump, take some time to learn about all the underwater rocks before starting your business.

We hope our little secrets and tricks will help you to establish a successful business!


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