6 Popular Movies Based on Japanese Manga


Manga has been a popular source of entertainment for the last few decades. These comics from Japan are becoming more popular than ever, despite being centuries old. 

A true manga fan will find nothing more exciting than watching their favorite characters in manga movies. 

Many manga series have been made into live-action films by Hollywood Live-Action because of their popularity. We will be discussing with you the top films that were inspired by manga in this article. 

This is our list of the top manga-based Hollywood movies: 

  1. Alita: Battle Angel 

The year 2563 is here and the world still lives in an era of post-interplanetary warfare. The story is about Alita, a girl-cyborg who is saved by Dr. Dyson, a scientist who happens to also be a bounty hunter. You can watch Alita: Battle Angel on movierulz plz download the website like KhatriMazaFull.  

This adaptation of the manga’s original version was published in 2001. Its popularity made it a huge success commercially as well as critically. Top 65 CrackStreams Alternatives Sites To Watch NFL, NHL & UFC

  1. Priest 

This story is inspired by Hyun Min Woo’s comic, which ran for nine years straight from 1998 through 2007. Although it’s not a manga, it is a Korean comic. Despite being a manga, it was still a top-rated comic for its amazing visuals and a great storyline. 

Vampires are out in the open and a priest/warrior wants to hunt them down when they kidnap his niece. He also wishes to make her one of them.
This manga is free to download on many platforms. 

  1. Edge of Tomorrow 

This film is based on the 2004 Manga, “All You Need Is Kill”. Tom Cruise stars in the film. This sci-fi film is set in a world where aliens invade the earth. The planet is trying to defeat them using special weapons and fighting suits.
The story is about a private who, through an unfortunate incident, gains the ability to live his life again. Hiroshi, a manga writer, has been impressed by the effort that goes into making this manga look so real and accurate. 

  1. Ping Pong 

If you are interested in manga live-action films, this sports-based film will be a good starting point. It is free to download. It is the story of Peco and Tsukamoto, two best friends. 

Although the former is a good ping pong player, he loses every game because he doesn’t want anyone to feel inferior or lost. 

His friends are an ambitious, arrogant character who only cares about winning every match and wants the ping pong world to be his. 

This movie is quite well-known among sports movie fans. It has some great visuals and the storyline is pretty interesting as well.  

  1. Road to Perdition 

The film portrays the mob culture mentality with a savvy storyline and impeccable acting from every cast member. 

After their son is betrayed by their parents, a mobster and his son embark on a journey to survive. There are many twists and turns in the story, as well as cool costumes.  

Some reports suggest that this movie is based on real-life events. But this fact has not been confirmed for the movie. 

  1. Speed Racer 

Although mixed reviews were received for this film, it is clear that the film’s casting and cinematography are top-notch.  

This film stars Emile Hirsch and takes you on an exciting adventure filled with action, races, and cool cars. 

Speed racer is a cartoon network show that many kids remember watching as a child. This manga was also used in the creation of Speed Racer. The manga for this film can be downloaded free of charge on different manga websites, under the title Mach Go Go Go.  

Speed Racer has also been animated and the animated version is more popular than the movie.  

Final Words 

These are the best manga-based Hollywood movies you should watch in your spare time. You can get more information about these movies at WPEPRO. 

These movies were chosen based on their popularity and viewer ratings. We are confident that you will not regret selecting from this list. This article will help you to find the best manga-based movie. 


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