6 Popular Marketing Apps for Real Estate Agents


Popular Marketing Apps

Real estate agents need a reliable marketing strategy to bring in new leads and sell properties. Real estate agents can use apps for marketing their listings and attracting potential buyers. 

With so many great marketing apps available, real estate agents can find niche software that fits their needs. Real estate is an ever-changing industry with new trends emerging every day. Real estate agents must stay on top of the latest trends and work with effective marketing tools. 

Therefore, real estate agents must remain up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies to succeed as an agent. The following five real estate marketing apps for agents will help you get started and drive more leads and qualified buyers your way.

1. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a web application that makes custom-made and predesigned real estate postcards for individuals and businesses. This app is a valuable and easy-to-use postcard mailing service. Real estate agents can create postcards branded with their names and contact information. 

They can also upload a custom photo to the postcard for an extra touch of personalization. They can also schedule when the postcard will be sent out and track the results in real-time on Wise Pelican’s dashboard. Wise Pelican makes it easy to mail real estate postcards. 

Real estate agents can use the Wise Pelican app to make postcards for open houses, listing appointments, and buyer and seller referrals. It also offers targeted mailing lists and subscription services for real estate agents who consistently place large orders. 

Sending a real estate postcard is a great way to stand out from the competition and drive leads. Wise Pelican is an excellent tool for real estate agents who want to get more information and sell more houses.

Wise Pelican shortcoming:

The main shortcoming is that it is still new in the market, and only a few people know about it. The lack of a large number of reviews and users may be a hindrance for those who are considering using this app.

2. Redfin

Redfin is an online real estate brokerage that offers a comprehensive platform for real estate agents. Redfin’s website lists and sells homes for sale across the United States. 

It also provides its agents the tools to create their websites, run property searches, and track leads. Redfin’s lead tracking feature allows agents to follow their buyers from their first contact with the agent through closing.

The app gives you access to custom reports that allow you to see how many leads you’ve generated, where they came from, and your average time on site. Redfin also gives its users access to various social media marketing tools, including Zillow Agent Assist and Facebook Lead Ads, which allow you to target potential buyers interested in buying or selling a home in your area. 

In addition, you can use Zillow Premier Agent, powered by Redfin technology, to generate leads by tracking visits on your website through Google Analytics.

Redfin shortcoming:

Redfin is not the only company that provides these types of services. It faces stiff competition from other marketing apps. Additionally, the agents handle three times as many customers as old realtors. 

Therefore, they are always busy and can’t spend as much time with each buyer or give personalized attention to their clients.

3. Homes.com

Homes.com is a website that offers real estate agents a wide array of tools to help them market their services to potential buyers. Several third-party technology companies, including Google Analytics, Nielsen, and AdWords, powered the website. 

Through Homes.com’s marketing toolkit, agents can automate their email marketing using Aweber, Clicky for social media management, and Zillow Agent Assist for lead generation. Homes.com has a unique feature aimed at connecting agents with buyers interested in buying or selling a home. 

In addition, Homes.com allows agents to advertise their services on Google and Facebook for free.

Homes.com shortcoming:

Homes.com does not provide the same level of services as Redfin, Zillow, and other realtors in your area because a local realtor network does not operate it.

Additionally, it operates its technology platforms instead of third-party platforms like Redfin and Zillow used to provide real estate agents with tools to reach potential buyers in your area.

4. BombBomb

BombBomb is a video messaging platform that allows realtors to create and share videos about their listings and homes for sale. Its video marketing platform is integrated with the company’s website, mobile device apps, and social media platforms.

The company has several features for buyers and sellers to take advantage of. The company’s video marketing platform allows buyers to watch videos from homes on the market. BombBomb provides opportunities for sellers to promote their properties and connect with potential buyers via video marketing campaigns.

The company’s website, mobile app, and social media platform will be integrated with BombBomb for realtors. The company’s video marketing platform allows buyers to watch videos from homes on the market. BombBomb provides opportunities for sellers to promote their properties and connect with potential buyers via video marketing campaigns.

BombBomb shortcoming:

Despite it helping real estate agents, if you don’t have enough lighting or a good voice in your videos, it will look like you are doing a lousy job. You will be seen as less professional and not as knowledgeable. That’s why it’s essential to know the proper lighting and ensure your voice is clear.

5. Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a real estate marketing app that offers real estate marketing solutions for agents and real estate professionals. The app focuses on real estate lead generation, property listing, and property management. 

It allows users to choose what they want to do with their leads. Real Geeks provides a wide variety of lead generation options for users, including social media, email marketing, and webinar marketing.

Real Geeks shortcoming:

Real Geeks has little coaching about the app, and there is no pricing information. Additionally, it has no live customer support or chat functions.

6. LoopNet.com

LoopNet.com is a digital real estate marketing package that allows agents to manage their listings and share them with the public. It is software that offers real estate agents the ability to manage their listings, schedule appointments, and run marketing campaigns. 

It also provides a portal for agents to advertise their properties online. In addition, it offers a lead-generation tool that allows agents to generate leads through social media and email.

LoopNet.com shortcoming:

It is not free for agents and does not have live customer support or accessible chat functions. Additionally, it doesn’t gather information about the future investment of a property. LoopNet does not train its users about the app and how to use it effectively.


There are many real estate apps for sale, and it can be difficult for agents to know which ones are the best. It is vital to check out all of the features that a particular app has to ensure it can meet all of an agent’s needs. An agent should also check out the reviews other agents have left on the app. 

These reviews are an excellent way to see how happy other agents are with their experience using the app. Some apps are specific to certain regions or states, so an agent needs to look at reviews from other agents in the same area. 

It may also be helpful to check out what others have said about the customer service available through these apps. The best real estate app for agents will have all the essential features and a good number of reviews from other agents. These reviews should be able to provide an agent with any information that they need to make the right choice. 


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